India–The Final Blog

I almost got in trouble for taking pictures outside of the Olympia Technology Park, where I’ve been working for two weeks.  The guard came over as I was taking a farewell picture with the HP Storage Team.

2011-02-25_16-49-30_728I’ve definitely made some friends here.  Navaneeth (in the middle) took me to see his wife, and daughter in their home.  I was part of a joke about an after-class party the other day when someone left their laptop unlocked.  We’ve had a lot of laughs, and I hope made their jobs easier, and better understood.  I’ll be talking with them, I’m sure.

2011-02-25_16-44-34_509Some other observations I’ve not yet recorded:

They don’t like to use cash in the food court of the office building.  You pay cash at a counter and get a cash card, and use that at the food vendors.  To prevent stealing, Navaneeth said.

The security is since 26/11, or November 26th.  The Mumbai attacks that were quite shocking to the Indian people.  Maybe not equal to September 11th in casualties, but it has resulted in a lot of changes.

2011-02-24_17-28-39_277I hear the planes roaring over-head and soon I’ll be on my way to the airport to climb aboard one.  About 3-4 hours to Dubai, and then a long 15 hours to Houston, and then another 5 hours to Atlanta.  Or something like that.  Hard to tell with all the time changes.  See you soon, America!


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