An entire night’s sleep – Day 7

It is one thing to be given a topic to teach to 15 people in a foreign country that you have spent years working with and developing an intimate knowledge of it.  My last employer had threatened to send me to talk to customers about the product I had worked on for 3 years, but never followed through.

Now two months after I first laid eyes on the bits and bytes of this software I am teaching Indian nationals during the day, and German engineers in the evening, trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

But don’t tell them that.

Elevator MarbleI’ve not yet mentioned the marble floors of Chennai.  They are everywhere.  I don’t think I’ve been in a building yet that didn’t have marble floors.  Beautiful, inlaid marble in the lobbies, elevators, and yes, on the wheelchair ramps.

Check  back, I’ll take some pictures today.

Unfortunately the shoes that served me so well on Massachusetts ice don’t fare nearly as well on Indian marble floors.  I could pull a “Risky Business” while keeping the shoes on my feet.

Lobby MarbleA ramp + slidey shoes is trouble, so I take the stairs now.  I never hit the ground (thank goodness, it would be hard as … well, marble), but memories of trying to remember how to roller skate after a few decades hiatus comes to mind.

I counted my clothes today to make sure I had enough to last.  Hotel laundry is very expensive.   I think I’ll make it!  I have laundered my underwear though (and they stitched up the seams of my running shorts, which were coming apart!).

One other thing I’ve not mentioned yet is the random power blinks.  They can last from 2 seconds to 40 seconds, but the power will just go out.  Nobody reacts or says a calming word. They just go about their business, and the power soon comes back on.  Only rarely does it happen long enough for the emergency lights to go on.


I started this blog last night, but could no longer keep my head up around 10pm or so and went to bed.  I actually slept EIGHT hours!  Unbelievable!

This word just in on the bindi:  Its not the dot that says if they’re married or not… … every indian women wears the dot (bindi).. its the red line or was it yellow above the dot on their forehead right under hair line….. thats the line that signifies if their married….. 🙂

Dinner last night was right under the a/c vent.

My internet ran out this morning.  When I arrived I had to pay for room internet and there were several options.  An hour, a day, a week, or a month.  Of course I chose a week… but that means that I’ve officially made it to the week mark, with four days (actually, 3 days and a dinner) left.

I’m feeling a bit anxious to get home. 


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