Day Four–Cricket, Diet Coke, Beer!

Day four was the first day that I didn’t get home from the training session and collapse on the bed.

The women here often ride side-saddle on the back of motorcycles.  I guess it depends on what type of outfit they are wearing, because I see them driving motorcycles a lot, too.  There are still all the narrow misses while they sit calmly on the back of the motorcycle.

FxCam_1298038738095Since I didn’t come home and crash I was hungry a bit earlier tonight.  I decided for the first day that I was up for an adult beverage and I ordered a Kingfisher, a local brew.  It was very tasty.  It came in 650ml bottles.  For comparison a Diet Coke comes in a 333ml can.

The buffet theme for the night was japanese, I think.  Most of the dishes looked similar to chinese dishes.  I had some shrimp, beef and peppers, and some grilled chicken with a yellow paste on top that wasn’t anywhere close to mustard.

It’s now the weekend, but it is a big Cricket weekend.  The Cricket World Cup is starting in Bangladesh, and my host here that has been graciously ordering and arranging all the cabs for me offered to arrange a cab for me for the weekend, but said he wouldn’t be able to join unless it was Sunday, because of the cricket match.

It’s the first round, and India plays Bangladesh.  India is a top seed this year.  There is controversy from one of the practice rounds where one of the Indian players misbehaved in some way.

I need to make sure I watch the cricket match, but do have some continued work to do today, so I’ll probably hang close to the hotel.

Fell asleep around 11pm local, and woke up around 5am.  That’s the longest uninterrupted sleep I’ve had so far.  I’m extremely hungry.  Breakfast buffet doesn’t open until 6:30am.

Since I don’t leave the hotel much I’ve not been to a supermarket to stock up on things like sodas.  I’ve been hoarding Diet Cokes when I can.  When I order room service I order 3 at a time.  They are cheaper at a small stall in the business office where the training is, but they don’t sell it by the 6-pack, and if I bought 4-5 at a time there it would clean them out.

I made a video of my cab ride into the office.  But I was holding my phone as I normally would as if it was a phone, rather than sideways as if it were a camera.  The video has come out sideways, so I need to find a utility to rotate video before I can post it.


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