Art’s Adventure In India–Day 2

Today was the first day of real ‘work’, in the training room with my trainees.

My foremost thought at the end of the day is that perhaps it isn’t a good idea for a deaf-in-one-ear-and-can’t-hear-out-the-other to travel to India to give training.  I need more hearing.

2011-02-16_16-52-45_299Unless the Indians are a taxi driver (with an American passenger) talking to the motorcycle rider he just almost ran over the general rule seems to be to talk rather low.


I don’t think I’m having a problem interpreting the accent.  It’s more the volume.

2011-02-16_16-53-09_917I was able to place another component to the smell here, and I think it’s a hint of incense or other kind of fragrant smoke.  At times it is a bit spicy.  In the office building I smelled tangerine, but traced that to a fruit bar nearby.

I saw cows in the street on the taxi ride to the hotel tonight, but the taxi passed them too fast to snap a picture.

The choices in the office building food court were fried Indian veggie cuisine, Chinese, Pizza Hut and Subway.  Distressing options considering I listened to a book convincing me to give a low carb diet another chance.  I chose garlic chicken, with rice, but only ate a small portion of the rice.

The security turnstile to get into the office building had a ramp and turnstile designed for handicapped with a sign that said, ‘Differently abled people’.  I thought that rather left it open for interpretation.

When conversing with the locals they shake their head, like they are saying ‘no’.  As I am explaining something, they shake their head no, but they aren’t meaning no.  I’ve not decided what they mean, but it isn’t no.

I find myself swimming upstream walking down hallways on the right side.  When a country drives on the left, you should walk down the left side of the hallway.

2011-02-15_11-05-12_581I returned to the hotel tonight barely conscious and collapsed on my bed for a quick hour nap.  After the hour I crawled under the covers cursing myself and telling myself I needed to wake up or put off acclimating to the time zone another day.  It took me an hour to convince myself the validity of this argument, wondering if it was already too late, and dragged myself out.

My stomach is churning a bit tonight.  I am not sure if it’s all the Diet Coke I’m drinking, the local cuisine (as neutral as I’ve tried to keep it, there is still the local interpretation), or the adjustment to the attempts at reducing my carb intake.  I decided to have a steak, went down to the restaurant and was seduced by the options on the dinner buffet.  Fried cauliflower, long beans (green beans with bacon), fried shrimp, chicken and mushrooms, chicken kebob, braised beef.  It was delicious.

The dinner buffet cost Rs1200 (1200 rupees).  This is about $26 with global exchange rates, but there is no tipping at dinner (although the taxis do not refuse, and neither does room service).  Most menu-ordered meals cost about Rs500.  The buffets are more expensive.  The steak would have cost Rs750.

Live music was being played by a couple with a karaoke set-up.  The songs are familiar oldies, but I couldn’t name them, although I wasn’t really trying. My only impression is that one of them was a Kenny Rogers song.  I was trying to listen to my audio book, but I couldn’t concentrate on it, either.

The plethora music videos on TV wasn’t because it was 4am.  HBO has commercials.  The Discovery Channel has become my favorite channel to watch, even though the shows are late night lion porn.


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