Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Even though I’ve already told all the people who would listen (and some who probably didn’t want to) about the camping weekend, I still figure I’ll put down some words about it.

Cameron and I went camping with his Webelos den this weekend up at Unicoi State Park in a unique section of the campground called the Squirrel’s Nests.

Ana Ruby 002We started with a hike up to see Anna Ruby Falls.  It was a nice hike, on an asphalt path which made it a bit easier on the feet.  No tripping over roots, or rocks.  It followed the creek all the way up and there were great little babbling brook waterfalls.


Ana Ruby 017Ana Ruby 033

It wasn’t a bad hike at all, really.  Bit of an incline, but it was the beginning of the weekend and we all had plenty of energy.

Then it was off to the campsite.  I have no pictures of the campsite at all because I had left the camera in the van, and the camera and the memories we would have forever about the camping weren’t worth the hike back to the van to retrieve it.  Either that, or I was just too exhausted from carrying cooking gear (made of iron) through the Georgia mountains to consider it.  But it does look exactly like the picture on the website.

Couple aspects the picture on the website doesn’t capture, though.  One of them is the constant bombardment of the campsite  with acorns by the majestic oaks that kept the site shaded.  Even at night.  The second is that those stairs are double-height and rather random size.  Yeah, stair-masters ain’t got nothing on those stairs.

Which is why I don’t have any pictures from my phone, either, because I had left my phone in our ‘nest’, at the top of the stairs.

I would venture a guess that if I lived in these Squirrel Nests for two weeks I’d drop at least 10 lbs.  It was the most physically challenging camping event I can remember.  I slept very well up there in that nest, although the moaning spirits in the area woke me up a couple times throughout the night (there were some seriously weird sounds that night).

The ground was just about covered in acorns, and what always happens when you cross a pack of boys with a ready supply of ammunition happened, many times.  If we go there again we’ll definitely need to take some cans and a slingshot.

Ana Ruby 001Very few squirrels, though.  Maybe they come out during the week.  Or maybe because again, boys with a ready and virtually unlimited supply of ammunition are something squirrels avoid.

This squirrel was stuffed, in the gift shop at Ana Ruby Falls.

We and boys had a great time, and we all had some great food.  They had a large role in preparing the food, and they got to cook their own pancakes Sunday morning.  They also cleaned up all the gear after the meals. 


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