A day in the life of a shelf-maker

My weekend: built bookshelves, stood in line at a BBQ festival, threw some darts, played D&D.

Three shelves, one long piece of wood… how long could it take to hang some shelves?  Answer: Longer than expected.

It took most of my morning. 

I first started looking for my triangle-thingie that I use to make sure the line to make is straight.  Thought it was on my work-bench… work bench was a mess.  Had to straighten it up, and once I did that, no triangle.  I also picked up the garage a bit.  Not as much as it needed, but ‘a bit’.  ‘A bit’ is just enough to feel like I did something, but not enough to notice if you looked at the garage before and after.  But I could point out the things I did.

Forty-five minutes… and all I had in my hand was a pencil, and the board.

What’s next, Mr. Project Manager?  I need something to cut with, and something to cut on.

I needed my saw-horses. 

The saw-horses are stored in the shed.  Ahh, the shed.  Probably more out of sorts than the garage, since we actually have to walk through the garage.

I spotted them, underneath a gutter, and a piece of wood that I don’t recognize any more.  While unearthing the sawhorses it struck me that my circular saw and sawhorses are, along with my grill, the most-used Christmas gifts.

I couldn’t just yank them out, though… there was too much clutter.  I started straightening up the shed, making space.  I found a field mouse nested in a container I have full of sawdust that I want to use to make fire-starters for camp-fires.  I let him be.

I also discovered that storing the muriatic acid on the top shelf in a metal toolshed isn’t a good idea.

Okay, saw-horses, saw, pencil and board.  I’m ready for my three cuts to make shelves, so I cut.  To get there, though, it took a couple hours.  I did more than just cut, and you actually could tell I moved stuff around in the shed (as opposed to the garage).

Afterwards we went down to Atlantic Station to the Atlanta BBQ festival.  I made the serious mistake of not eating before I was going, thinking of all the delivious BBQ I was going to be consuming once I got there.  MISTAKE!  Lines, lines, lines. 

There was a line to buy tickets, in order to stand in line to use the tickets to buy BBQ!

The literature for the event had over-sold the number of things for kids to do as well, and the boys were with us so we decided that once we had gone through the lines, gotten the BBQ, and satiated my hunger that we would head on home.

More later, but for now I need to go to the store.


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