News of the Week–Sorta

As we all say… I want to blog more regularly, and since it’s Friday it’s as good as a day as any other.  I’ll set a reminder, ‘Blog day’.  Reminders can be easy to ignore, though. 

The boys and I have been playing Minecraft lately.  It’s a subtley dangerous game because it lets you do so much.  A world is randomly generated of blocks of dirt, sand, rock, gravel, lava, and water.  Trees, sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens also appear once you start playing.  The object?  There really isn’t one.  You knock down trees to get wood to make tools to let you knock down trees, dig dirt, mine ore (there’s ore in the rock under the ground, but you have to find it), and build a nice safe house.  You need a nice safe house, because at night the zombies come out.  Really… zombies, skeletons (the skeletons are the most annoying), creepers, and spiders come out.

You can knock down just about anything.  You can carry lava in a bucket.  You can forge iron and gold.  Coal can make pork steaks and torches (and smelts the iron and gold).  Everything else is up to you.

It’s like a great big digital sandbox, and it’s very easy to lose hours in it.

One of the amazing things about Minecraft is how it has exploded recently.  I think it’s been in development for a while, but lately the word has been spreading, and was even in a comic.  The websites crashed last week, and after bringing them back up the author said he sold 250,000 copies in 24 hours.  It sells for 9 Euro, which is about 14 bucks.  And the game doesn’t even have a point!  Maybe that’s the trick.. give people tools, and a medium and they will build.


Our dining room is carpetless.

Teresa had been using our ‘dining room’ as a homeschool materials storage facility.  There had been hopes of actually using it to homeschool, but there is an extreme lack of space. 

As I’m home more often these days and I needed a place to work we cleaned it out, boxed up some books, rearranged a little and tada… working space!

But as I sat here I realized … well, more accurately my nose realized that those years of dog urine as we were figuring out Bingo’s habits had left a odorous residue. 

After a few days of complaining, a couple days of attempting to mask the issue with a Febreeze-type product, and some careful contemplation, Teresa said “Rip it out!”   So I did.

We’re looking at some faux-wood resilient tile products, but in the meantime a $14 Home Depot rug will do the job.



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