Rabid Zombie Chipmunks

Cameron and I headed out to Scoutland this weekend in order to participate in a Cub Scout camp called Webelos Woods.  There were many events over the weekend, official and unofficial. 

“Let’s poke each other with sticks” was one of the unofficial events, and Cameron bears a couple marks from that event.  It consisted of all the boys scrounging up sticks in the woods, then running through the camps at full speed in the dark screaming like banshees.  It appeared to be an extremely fun event, and lasted until one unfortunate kid took a stick scarily close to his eyeball.  One of the den father’s was telling the boys how he had to push the poor kid’s eyeball back in with his thumb, and the sickening sound it made, but I don’t think the kids bought it.

It didn’t keep them from running the same event the next night, albeit a much tamer version that ended a lot earlier, and before any more carnage.

One of the official events was ‘Playing with matches and eating from a hot pan.’  Technically it was called ‘Golden Griddle’, and the boys were timed how fast they could light charcoal, cook a pancake over those charcoals, and then eat it.

Another unofficial event was, “Let’s see if the young boys’ bathroom can make someone throw up”.  Evidently having a bathroom that just the boys use for safety’s sakes results in janitorial issues when there isn’t an adequate supply of toilet paper, and toilets that don’t flush.  I didn’t witness the results of that particular event, but from how it was described it may have qualified for a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

More official events were the stretcher race (the boys pretended to need stretchers, they weren’t actually medically incapacitated), tug-of-war, BB shooting, Archery, and fire-building.  The boys actually didn’t want to take part in the fire-building event!

All in all it was a very fun weekend, and appropriately capped off by the “pack up camp before the next band of rain showers comes through” event, and the “how to make it home when the main bridge across the lake is closed” event.

Oh, the title?  Rabid chipmunk zombies?  One of the other den fathers had a great campfire story about running through the forest at night that involved rabid chipmunk zombies attacking him.  The boys listened, and then ran off into the forest.  Kids these days.


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