Sense of Etiquette

Friday night was poker night.  We had a lot of fun, even though it was only five of us, ribbing each other gently, and not so gently.  It was the regulars…  Mark, the color-blind painter who gets flushes that aren’t flushes, Phil, who sells electric fences and flops top set, and Chris and Veronica, our neighbors.  It was a pretty friendly game, with one massive hand where Phil flopped top set, and all three in the hand (who were all-in) had boats before the hand was over.

We kept playing three handed for a while, but the game was mortally wounded and it was only a matter of time before we threw in the towel and the game was over.

It was a great time and we had laughs, but I was still disappointed when it was over.  Maybe I am turning into a poker degenerate.  I wanted more.

Saturday on our way to our community service day (thanks Obama), we pulled into McDonald’s to grab a nice, healthy breakfast to give us lots of energy to last throughout the morning.  I’m the first to admit that I’m a moron sometimes, but I like to think that I either catch my moment of moronity immediately after, or during and try to fix it as quickly afterwards as possible.  Usually with a lot of handwaving or unheard apologies.

I think some people just don’t have a courtesy bone in their bodies.  Things like letting others into traffic, circling a McDonald’s to take your place at the back of the drive-thru line, NOT sitting in the middle of a parking lot waiting to move ahead of the line in McDonald’s just don’t occur to those people.  I still let her in… I DO have courtesy bones in my body.  Cameron complained, “She’s cutting!”  Yeah, she is.

We made it to the Elachee Nature Preserve and installed the stair we were supposed to install.  “Don’t work too hard!” they said as they issued us our tools and gave us our assignments.  Eeesh… I could barely move today.

Saturday night Chris and Veronica invited Teresa and I to tag along over to their friend Steve and Amy’s house.  Steve had a ‘special recipe’ that he was trying out… rabbit.  Veronica was dubious… she had had a pet rabbit, name Toby and wasn’t thrilled about sampling her old pet.  It was a side-splitting night with many hopportunities for hare-raising jokes, but the food was absolutely delicious.  Toby was soaked in a wine marinade for several days before dipped in flour, browned, and then simmered.  We also had roasted potatoes, biscuits, and squash.

Had a great beer named Oberon, by Bell’s Brewery.  Its label gave very little hint as to how it is brewed, but I hope to find a clone recipe for it and make some of it.  It was a great, crisp wheat ale.  It would be a good companion to my Belgian Ale I made last year, and am about to make this year.

Wrote this… stored it in my drafts for 2 days.  I guess I can publish it now.


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