Had a dream last night

This was truly the oddest dream that I’ve had in a very long time.

I dreamt that I was somewhere in the middle east, and I was staying in a Jewish settlement that was just being built.  It was off a street down a long alley between buildings with overhead metal structures like street-signs proclaiming the settlement.

After walking down the alley I entered a suprisingly small empty lot, maybe 1/4 city block that was mostly dirt and concrete.  Around a table on the far end crowded some people.  One man had the plans and was telling the others what would go where.  I looked at the map and saw pretty clearly where the volleyball courts were going to go, and looked over and saw the cement pads for them already made.  There were 9 of them.  I guess there is a lot of volleyball playing at Jewish settlements in my dream world.

The man with the plans started telling other people what to do, and I was instructed that I was supposed to answer the phone.  I protested, due to the fact that I wasn’t Jewish and he said that didn’t matter.

While I was sorting out the phone it rang, and I answered with the some phrase about the name of the settlement (I don’t recall it now), and a lady started asking me a Jewish theological question.  Completely stumped I noticed some people had started arriving, so I handed off the phone, hanging around just long enough to hear that the lady had just heard about some end-of-the-world prediction that was going to happen the next day and she didn’t know what to do about it because she hadn’t been going to temple.

By now the lot had grown in size a bit and there was a lot of construction going on.  Pallets of dry wall were being brought in, but they were already painted and rough around the edges as if they had been used in another building, and brought here.  I asked the man with the plans about building the main building and he said nah, everyone was just going to camp for now.

It was about then I started watching the sky, as it was getting later in the afternoon.  I was stunned to see that there were already stars out in the sky.  The rest of the dream I ran errands back and forth (I remember asking if they were sure if it was safe for me to walk down the street) always staring at the stars that were getting more prominent and looking swirly, like a Van Gogh painting, and I kept saying to myself ‘I wonder if that’s why he painted them like that’ and how I needed to set up my camera and take pictures.  But I was never able to do it.


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