News and Such

It’s been wayyy too long since a blog post so I figured I’d catch everyone up.  Let’s see… since Christmas…

Transitioned to Avaya, snow, car problems, snow, once-a-month paychecks are the worst invention ever, snow, winter, Cameron is a Webelos II, more winter, Wizard101, more winter, time change, dart tournaments every Wednesday,  new session at LEO, surprise layoffs (but not me… yet), taking over the cooking duties, camping.

It’s really been a batten down the hatches kind of winter, where all you want to do is seal all the entrances to the house, turn up the fire, curl into a ball and wait for spring.  Decent weather has finally started blooming and the weekends are already getting filled with Scout events, and projects.

We’re in the middle of trying to move a play-set from a friend of Teresa’s yard to our house.  Thus far it has been dismantled into pieces, but rumor has it the pieces may be too big for the communal trailer so more dismantling may be needed.  This is in addition to the dismantled pool that’s sitting in our yard, too.  Our plan is to build out the lower 40 (that’s 40 square meters, not 40 acres) this summer into a play area of sorts.  Pool, playset, stairs… it’s ambitious, but you’ll never get anywhere saying no.  And then there’s the mud that we’ll need to do something with…

Dart tournaments have been going well.  It’s a blind-draw doubles tournament so we blindly draw 2-man teams, and then play out a bracket format.  The first couple tournaments my teams were lose, lose, lose, go home, and I was a large part of that.  A lot of these guys are really good.  Wanted to be a bit more competitive so I’ve been practicing a bit.  Still do loads better in practice than I do in the game (which is natural), but I’m getting there.  I’m a bit inconsistent.  But it’s all fun, and since I started practicing more my teams generally win a few matches so that’s pretty much all I ask.

Holding some regular poker games, too.  Nothing you’d even consider small-stakes (more like micro-stakes) for fun more than anything else.  Another excuse to use the Garaj Mahal.

The Garaj Mahal’s been getting a little crowded lately, though.  We have some furniture we’ve accumulated over the winter for several reasons… some is for Amanda, and some is for LEO (soon as we get wheels and a lock).  It’s definitely time for some spring cleaning.  I’m sure some of it will go back on Freecycle sooner or later.

Did our first camp-out of the year over the weekend.  The days were beautiful but the nights were still a bit frigid.  I should make that ‘night was’, since we only stayed for one night.  There was rain in the forecast for the morning and I didn’t want to load the van in soggy conditions so once it was close to lights out Cameron and I packed up and headed out.  Perhaps later in the year I’ll be more motivated for extreme camping, but not-so-much yet.  Even wimped out on the meals, with Pop-tarts and cereal bars for breakfast, ham-and-cheese in a hot dog bun for lunch, and grilled chicken for dinner.  Actually I think Cameron had chocolate chip cookies for lunch, but I ate the ham-and-cheese.  The camp-out was for the scouts to earn an Emergency Preparedness pin, and their Readyman achievement.  Emergency Preparedness is a new award this year, and is cosponsored by Homeland Security.

Things still on the schedule for this spring include a 3-mile hike (scout requirement), back into brewing, and lots and lots of BBQ.

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