Looking Closely at Now

One point that I was going to make last blog, but didn’t, is that another reason time seems like it goes by so quickly is all the deadlines and ‘looking forwards’ I seem to do these days.

As soon as the paycheck comes in and those bills are paid it seems the next day begins the ‘look forward’ to the next paycheck.  Halloween finished and suddenly we’re ‘looking forward’ to Thanksgiving.  After that we’ll ‘look forward’ to Christmas.  Even the time-wasting, non-productive Facebook games that abound always make you yearn for that 4 hour period when your Amusement Park guests arrive… or your Spaghetti finishes cooking… or your cows finish producing their milk.

I don’t want to focus on the ‘look forward’.  I want to focus on the now.  What am I doing NOW that is going to help me later today… tomorrow.. next week?  I need to make that a sign and hang it above my computer.


In other news I woke up at 3:15am this morning in order to try to get a glimpse of the Leonid meteor shower.  I had promised the boys to wake them at 4am, but when I checked the skies were pretty cloudy and the chances of seeing a meteor in between clouds was pretty remote.  I let them sleep.  I, however, had only slept fitfully for the previous 4 hours of the night so just decided to stay awake.  The wisdom of that choice is yet to be determined.

Tyler had some writing homework to complete, so I woke him about 6am in order to help him work on his story.  It is very interesting that I am learning enough about writing from these helper sessions that it very nearly wants me to pick up a word processor again, and write.  I already missed the November National Novel-Writing month, but I think a novel is above my purpose anyway.  I don’t have a Great American Novel inside of me, as far as I know.  I just wouldn’t mind writing some stories.

Which gets back to that entire what am I doing NOW concern.  Once again my interests are at war within my head.  Can I play poker as a ‘second job’ and have it bring in real money?  It would take a while for that, considering what my bankroll is now.  And the state of online poker right now isn’t exactly a walk in the park.  There are people who are moving up the ranks to the higher limits, but there are also a lot more tales of ego-crushing downswings.  Perhaps because there are more people?  I would really have to brush up on poker theory again.

Do I think I could get published, writing, and have THAT be a ‘second job’?  All the time I’ve spent at discount book-stores makes me think that’s a longshot as well.  But there is an old adage concerning grocery stores, and towns.  If you had the choice would you open a grocery store in a town with only one grocery store, or a town with ten grocery stores?  The answer is the town with ten, because if the town can support ten it can support eleven.  If there are one hundred and seventy gazillion science fiction and fantasy authors out there… the market can support one more.

Another thing I’m considering is the whole web-advertising / affiliate world out there.  With a decent programmer (or learning how to program myself) I would wager that some nifty web-based tools that users can bookmark with some simple ads along the sides might generate a little bit of income.  Either through ads, or through donations.  Capitalize on all those people playing these social, non-productive games and come up with some tools they can use to help them be productive, in a completely non-productive way.  Nothing like a bot, or cheats… but just a couple ideas I’ve come up with.

Push and pull… all these things spin round my head.  In the meantime I need to go tend to my crops… or was it my Cafe’?


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