Time Flies, And Someone Needs to Clip Its Wings

The summer went by too quick.  Too many things that we could have done this summer that went undone.  Or maybe things that I really wish I could still do… like camping, grilling, and lake-days.

That time these days shoots past like a greased kid on a slip-n-slide is a common topic of discussion among my similarly well-seasoned peers.  It’s something we all notice.  Perhaps it is because as we get older there just isn’t enough room to keep the memory of the entire year any more, so the 17 days of the year that we actually do remember jump from scene to scene until suddenly it’s today.  Maybe because 348 days are filled with the same routines:

procedure week_day(day as string);
     do wake_up();
     do breakfast();
     for x = 1 to 14
           do attempt_to_wake_children();
     next x
     case day is
             Monday  do set_facebook_status(‘Oh no Monday’);

…. and so on.

Well, I’m adding some things to my week_day procedure.  One of them is that I found some project management podcasts, and I’d like to start listening to those at least one a day so that when necessary I can know how to sound like a project manager.

Speaking of which, I saw today on FoxNews that Homeland Security is going to be looking for program managers for the cyber-security task force they’re building.  I was interested until they actually said, ‘The pay won’t be what you’ll see in the private sector, but you will have job satisfaction.’  Yeah, tell that to VISA.  Not sure what the going exchange rates are these days.  Can I be grumpy and whiny for a day, and you just waive this month’s finance charge?  Two days?  Deal.


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