Back in the Saddle

Howdy strangers!

Haven’t really felt like I had much to say lately… or whatever you call the term between the last blog and this one. Not counting the twitter update blogs.. which apparently broke almost right after I started them.

There has been a lot of uncertainty lately with the Nortel auction of the Enterprise division, and my role in the transition.  It is still very uncertain, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve been holding my breath a bit.  But you can only hold your breath so long before you pass-out, fall to the ground and start breathing.  Then when you wake up you’ve forgotten why you were holding your breath, so you just keep on going.

This is kind of like that, but different. I decided not to wait until I passed out.

As a parent (and step-parent) we’re supposed to teach our kids things… guide them through life and help them solve life’s puzzles and conundrums.  I have limited success at that… but as I was talking to David about goals a little while back I realized that I’m not really tracking any of my goals.  In fact… I’m rather conspicuously goalless at the moment.  

Sometimes in trying to help your kids you get an accidental look in the mirror.  I need to get into this habit.  I’m tempted to say ‘again’, but I doubt there’s a legitimate claim that I was once in the ‘habit’ of making goals, though I’ve made a couple attempts at it in the past.

Since we’re already most of the way through October (!) these will be for November as well.

1. Work out at least 3 times a week.
2. Stop ‘rewarding’ a work-out with bad eating.
3. Read.  I need to read something other than web-sites.
4. Two batches of homebrew.

There are a lot of financial websites coming online these days. is a very good one that I’m using, but it concentrates more on past spending than the budget side of things.  I get frustrated by a lot of these online or out-of-the-box tools like Microsoft Money because they make it very difficult to budget based upon a bi-weekly pay-check.

That frustration might go away soon, since I’ve heard Avaya distributes paychecks monthly.  Eek.  Serious Eek.  Transition date is supposed to be December 7th.  I hope this doesn’t mean we don’t get paid until January 7th.

Maybe I should start holding my breath again.


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