Let’s Starve Ourselves for Darfur… who’s with me?

From http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,518129,00.html.

Actress Mia Farrow began a fast of water only in solidarity for the people of Darfur Monday, attempting to abstain from all food for three weeks.

My first reaction to this is, “who cares?”

Not, “who cares what happens in Darfur?” but “who cares more for Mia Farrow than for the people of Darfur?”

Why hunger strike?  To bring needed attention to this neglected issue in the eyes of the world?

Umm, no.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt certainly have more modern relevance, since Mia’s sole accolade in the article is that she starred in “Rosemary’s Baby”, in 1968.  They champion Darfur all the time.  Who is Mia Farrow going to reach that they haven’t?

An International Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the president of Sudan.  He responded by kicking out humanitarian aid organizations.  International organizations that are actually working to help the people living in Darfur. 

Okay, so there is plenty of attention on the subject now.  Her “selfless” act can’t be for coverage.

Is this going to motivate anyone who can do something about Darfur that didn’t previously know about it?  Obama?

What’s the next step?  UN troops?  Invasion?  Regime change?  Will this be touted a war over oilA war on terrorism?  Or a humanitarian mission, like Somalia (we know how great that turned out, and continue to feel the effects today)?  What does she want to happen?  Does she have a specific idea in mind?

Yes, she does.

“I hope human rights advocates and citizens of conscience around the world will join me in some form of fasting, even if for one day, she said. “And when I can no longer continue, I pray another will take my place, and another — until finally there is justice and peace for Darfur’s people.

Oh… ok.  Human rights advocates all over the world starving themselves to death will help bring justice and peace to Darfur’s people.  I’d think we’d kind of want those people around, and healthy, to keep helping.

At least she’s selflessly getting her name in headlines, riding on the tragedy in Darfur.

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