Hey Republican Politicans… We’re RIGHT HERE!

A NY Times poll came out recently showing that the Republican Party’s approval rating was pretty poor.

Only 31% of the respondents said they had a favorable view of the Republican Party.  And only 62% of Republicans stated that they have a favorable view of the Republican Party!  Even Republicans don’t like the Republican Party!  That’s pretty sad.

Another piece of the poll I find disturbing is the questions concerning who is mostly to make the correct decisions, regarding the economy, and national security, etc.  A mere 20% said Republicans in Congress would be more likely to make the correct decisions on the economy.  63% said Obama.  Seems like the Republican oft-repeated “Oh noez, deficit spending” (sorry, that is lolcats speak) isn’t hitting home with the public.  Maybe because 4 years ago they were fine with it?  Sure, not on the levels proposed by Pres. Obama, but still.

Here’s what I really want to happen.  I want all the new and exciting communications channels that are opening through the Internet that go directly to the consumer mean that politicians can communicate DIRECTLY with their constituency.  They can explain their positions, and their constituency can be a lot more in touch and know the leaders they’re electing.

My feeling is that is why so many people have such a warm and toasty feeling about Obama, and why all the news about his bowling scores and March Madness picks aren’t being panned.  The message has been “He’s the President, but he’s one of us.”  Why?  Because he Twittered, he posted videos on YouTube, he makes bad jokes.  I think all of this, including his gaffs are calculated to keep that “one of us” feeling alive.  Or it could be he’s just very genuine.  Maybe… but he IS a politician.  I still mistrust it.

Meanwhile the Republicans are calling press conferences to announce a proposal to announce a proposal, cry out against deficits when they’re the ones that have been saying they aren’t so bad for eight years (there’s a scale factor here, of course, but that message isn’t being communicated).  Are Republican politicians are still relying on mainstream media to get their message out?

Republican pundits have been in the new media age for some time.  FoxNews was a ground-breaker, and continues to be with live round-table web-streamingMichelle Malkin was podcasting and videocasting very early.  There is still a very strong movement of conservative viewpoints.  But there is a major disconnect between this movement of conservative thought and focus and the politicians that represent that movement in Washington.  Even conservative talk radio was the first ‘direct to the people’ political commentary and we can see how immensely popular that remains.

All of these seem to be preaching to the choir, though, as it seems only conservatives listen to conservative sources.  FoxNews gets panned as biased pretty much across the board.  Rush gets mostly criticized by people who don’t listen to him (but know his ‘type’).  And the only liberals that go to Michelle Malkins site go there to taunt in the comments sections.

Why is it that Republican politicians STILL have such a hard time getting their message out and seem so out of touch?

Reminds me of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indy is trying to track down a draft, feeling up and down the the statues and Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) says, “I’m right HERE”.  What is it that Republican politicans are looking for that they are ignoring the people who are right in front of them?

Instead they still seem to remain dependant on fading traditional outlets.  Even though it is very hard to represent a complicated topic in a 30 second sound bite to be played in snippets during the news.  And it is very easy to make someone look like a buffoon in 5 minutes.   Jon Stewart makes a living at it.

C’mon Republican politicians… We’re RIGHT HERE!  Start a blog.  Explain your positions.  Help us out!


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