Why Twitter is Too Cool

I use TweetDeck to read Twitter posts.  TweetDeck allows you to search on topics of interest and any time anyone mentions that topic boom, you see it show up on your screen.

I search for PMP, poker, nortel and homeschool. 

My search term ‘nortel’ catches a lot of bloggers that like to repeat what other bloggers are saying about Nortel.  It’s kind of an early warning system though.  Maybe these guys are sales guys for our partners that like to pass along the latest press stories about Nortel.  A few are engineers working on Nortel equipment.  Mostly it seems they are people like to complain.  Maybe they were investors, or old employees.  Anyway, it’s a lot of repeats about the same old news, but it’s only old after the first 15 people mention it.

I search for ‘poker’ because when I first joined I had a real hard time find other poker players around Twitter.  They use another service, called FTSweat mostly.  Especially the online players.  I’m spread out enough, so I stayed on Twitter and just keep a search up for poker.  I hear about people’s home games, and lousy beats they took but every once in a while I see a marquis player or journalist post something up there and I start following what they post about poker, too.  My favorite is Pauly from Tao of Poker.  He’s also a music blogger of sorts and goes to a lot of concerts, like the recent Phish reunion.  Yeah, I didn’t even know Phish had disbanded, either, much less had a reunion going on but I learned that on Twitter.

I also found out about the TPT, Twitter Poker Tour but thus far I’ve not been able to join any events.  They’re usually on Thursdays.  I don’t know why that makes them hard to attend, but it does.

I just added ‘homeschool’ today so I can’t really say I know what happens there alot but I do see a lot of homeschooling moms, and a flurry of posts today about a NC ruling where a Judge did not like the idea of homeschooling and told a mom to send her kids back to school… in a DIVORCE case.  It’s a crazy world.  I also found http://www.online-stopwatch.com/, which is exactly what it sounds like.  I sent it to the boys so they could use it for their computer time timing.

Lastly I search on PMP to see who else are out there talking about the PMP certification.  This so far has been a wealth of information.  Today I saw a job being offered in Memphis to candidates with PMP’s scroll by.  Right there, a job, in these times… The other day I saw this pop up:

josephphillips: Who’s studying to pass the PMP before July 1?

Now I’ve never heard of this guy before, but he looks respectable… wearing a tie and everything in his twitter picture.  I responded (the @ sign in front of his name means this is a reply to his tweet, and so it shows up on his feed even if we don’t follow each other):

@josephphillips: I hope to take it late March early April.

He responded:

josephphillips: @artstanton Great – knock it out!

Usually when people say stuff like that I click their name… that brings up all their past twitters.  Then I click on their website (if they have one configured) and read a little bit about them.  That day I was busy, so it slipped my mind until the today I saw:

josephphillips: News from my blog: PMP Study Guide, Second Edition, Excerpt: Note: This is an excerpt from my .. http://tinyurl.com/caarqt

I clicked the link… That’s the book I’m using to study!  I send him a note:

@josephphillips Wow, that’s the book I’m using to study for my PMP.. 🙂 I didn’t recognize you!

He responds:

@artstanton Great! I hope you’re enjoying my book! Send me an email and I’ll send along the errata just in case: <email deleted>

I drop him a line saying what I really appreciate in his book… namely the end-of-chapter tests and the vocabulary words that I can use to make study cards with… and he sends me a PDF with some cheat sheets to help me study.  I’ve now got a line of dialog open with the author of the book I’m using to study for my PMP, as well as some bonus study materials!


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