Spring is here!

I’ve heard good things about Word Press.  I want to try them out.  I don’t know if I’m going to move (again) when I have such a history built up here, but such is the nature of the internet.  Reason is so much more control for being able to add things like my Facebook information, Twitter information, Flickr feed… all my other internet presences.

It’s springtime, finally.  Seems like it took forever and there will be a cold blast or two left in Mother Nature’s arsenal, but I think it’s really here.

It’ll be time soon to break out the lawnmower, trimmer and all that great stuff.

What’ve I been doing since I gave up on my picture-a-day posting?  I didn’t really give up on it.  I just got so busy that I didn’t have the time to devote to that during the week… and when I might have time over the weekend, those, too were busy.

A lot of that is because I’ve been studying for my Project Manager Profressional exam in my off-hours… but I’ll get to that.

We did get some snow recently, but it didn’t stick.  The boys were apathetic… they looked out the window, said, “YAY!” and then went back to their games.  It was really nasty out since it had rained the two days before and we had standing water in the yard.  I wouldn’t have expected them to go out and play anyway.

2009-03-01 Skyshots 004


Kai and I are working out a bottling time for the Honey Brown Ale he helped me brew at hit house and it will probably be Thursday.  We made that one hoppier than the recipe called for, and pitched it on top of an India Pale Ale yeastcake which should add some hoppiness to it as well.  Since it has honey and hoppiness I’ve been considering calling it Bumble Frog.

2009-02-01 SuperBowlSunday 001

I’ve got another brew that is in my secondary fermenter.  That one is a Red Ale and is hopefully something that Teresa will like… she’s not a big fan of hoppiness so not sure if the brown ale will be her favorite.

I don’t have any plans for my next one yet… I want to taste these to see which one I like and see what direction I want to go with it.  I think I’m leaning towards a Hefeweizen, or other light-colored brew.


Yes, I’ve been playing some online poker lately.  Haven’t been doing all that great, but I think I’m getting the ‘feel’ for it back again and have turned around my initial losses as I’m learning the opponents tendencies again.  It’s really just an idle thing to do when my brain is ready to explode from studying.  It’s interesting because until I started studying I hadn’t been playing much poker at all, and then whenever I have brain overload the first thing I turn back to is online poker.

My online media sources have been talking about Barney Frank and his promise to bring up some legislation that will regulate online gambling which will include online poker.  It seems like a good time to do this type of regulation so a new revenue stream can come into the US economy.  I never really realized how misunderstood the entire online poker scene.  Even a podcast like This Week in Tech mentioned that online gambling just seems to cater to problem gamblers.  So disappointing when people characterize an entire market by how they ‘feel’ about it at the time.

Anyway, I’m not playing much… just a little when I want to decompress.  I’ve also used Puzzle Pirates and Gametap to decompress as well.

Project Management:

Yes, I’m studying for it my Project Management Professional certification.  I hope to be able to schedule the test for late March / early April once I pay for it.  Doing some research online and around the certification is quite in demand, and although I don’t expect anything to happen to my role at Nortel one can never be too prepared. 

I have the training I took before, quite a few practice tests and recently purchased another test preparation book in order to refresh my memory.  I’m working my way through that book, making note cards and reviewing the note cards previously.

The interesting thing is how much this has helped me in my job.  Just the studying!  I had the project well-prepared to move into the phase it just moved into, and feel better prepared to manage it within that state.


We’re dying to go camping.  The weather is getting so much nicer and we’re already making plans for Memorial Day weekend to go camping with a number of other families at the same time, as well as another weekend with Chris (from across the street) and his son, with my boys.


Other things I’ve been doing include wearing out the backbone of the grilling books that Teresa got me for Christmas.  I’ve already made some great ribs, BBQ sandwiches… and so far the results have been great.  I spent most of this past Saturday on two Boston Butts… we ate the small one that night as BBQ sandwiches.  The other one we’re going to slice for another meal, but had to freeze it.


Also I’m working on organizing my office better, and the garage.  These are going to be ongoing, but I spent so much time making, painting and hanging shelves that between that and the grilling on Saturday the weekend flew by.

2009-03-09 Office 001

Teresa is actually parking her car in there on a regular basis, and we haven’t had to make any of the yard tools homeless.  I’ve got some other ideas for how to handle my spare wood, and camping gear that will clear up even more room and get more things on the wall rather than on the floor of the garage.  That’s the same theory I’m using in my office… get the stuff off of my desk and onto the walls.

Working out:

Yeah, still trying to figure out a time that’s going to work.  Evenings just doesn’t seem to work.  Either work runs long, or we get invited to a dinner, or a million other excuses.  I need to get myself up an hour earlier and go do it then and quit complaining about it.  Until then I’m going to try to follow my old Weight Watcher’s diet a bit closer. 

I’m still going, but only a couple days a week most weeks… last week I didn’t go at all due to other things going on.  But even with not going, and grilling pork on the weekends and stuffing myself completely, and enjoying my homebrew and store bought beer, I’m not gaining weight.  So perhaps a little more common sense in my diet will help me out.

In closing, here’s a sunset.

2009-03-01 Skyshots 011


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