I’m lousy at habits.

Looks like I’m not keeping up with the photo of the day thing.  It’s been a week since my last post and that one was an overdue post.

Between our busy weekends with friends and work going a little crazy lately (and only promising to get a little crazier over the next few weeks) there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

What’s happened in the past week?  Last Friday Paul and Laurie went with Teresa and I to Rick Springfield.  I’ve been taking a lot of grief over going to see Rick Springfield.  Chris and Veronica (from here on out they will be dubbed ‘The Vandals’) have delighted in teasing us about going to see Rick Springfield.  Well, teasing me.  Anyway, they are poor deluded misguided souls, and I’ve always been taught to take pity and be kind to those less fortunate than us, so I will be nice to them (this is ALL tongue in cheek, we have a blast).

Rick Springfield was amazing.  I’ve not seen a concert like it, where there is so much energy flowing from the stage out to the crowd and Rick (we’re on a first name basis now) … er, Mr. Springfield honestly and truly appeared just to be having the time of his life performing.  Many of his more recent songs are a lot … more … ummm, rocking than I remembered.  Jessie’s Girl is great, mind you, and I did like him back then but his new stuff… wow.

It was at Wild Bill’s, and we were very close to the stage.  I had taken our camera, but alas, left it in the car.  The only pictures I have I took with my camera phone, and the lights were a bit different than usual… or maybe Mr. Springfield really was glowing.  I can’t say for sure.

2009-02-07 RickSpringfielf 005 2009-02-07 RickSpringfielf 003

We got home to these lovely art jobs.  Hence The Vandals moniker.

2009-02-07 2009 Feb 001 2009-02-07 2009 Feb 002

Saturday I fried up some chicken fingers in beer batter w/french fries for dinner and The Vandals came over to help us eat them.  Teresa had a thing so had to go, and I threw some darts with The Vandals before they had to retire early (Mrs. Vandal had clinicals and had to get up at 5am).

Sunday I geeksquaded (I want to make that a verb) over at one of Teresa’s fellow homeschool moms (and blogger) and they treated us to a delectable filet and fettucini alfredo dinner.  It was delicious.  The kids all got along great and they’re finding new interest in the game Wizard101 that we subscribed to last year for them.  Bev and her kids play it quite a bit, it seems.  I left my phone and one of the plugs for my monitor, so I’ve been working on a single monitor and didn’t have access to my Rick Springfield pictures until tonight.

Today I got an e-mail that she was holding my Icehouse ransom until I secured her network (she was willing to give back my phone.. 🙂 ), and I wrote up some directions and I hope those worked.

Monday I finally went back to the gym and treadmilled (maybe I’m making up too many verbs).  I didn’t stretch adequately though, and have been feeling it.  When I went back to the gym tonight it was after an errand to get a new headset (the other finally gave up the ghost, despite the tape-job I used to try to fix it) and I hadn’t eaten yet.  My leg kept me from getting to a full run so I cranked up the slope and walked it out for about 25 minutes before the hunger got the best of me and I decided to pack it in and go home.

I’m back to sitting on my exercise ball, tho, in order to loosen up my leg a bit.  And maybe it makes me a bit more active during the day… I dunno.

We had an front of thunderstorms move through tonight at sunset.  You know what that means… SKY SHOTS!

2009-02-11 2009 Feb 007  2009-02-11 2009 Feb 010

Some updates…  I’m going to complete my PMP application and get that test scheduled and taken.  I need to do it by the end of March the latest.  It’s a just in case measure, but even if I come out of Nortel’s restructuring with a job it will help me in what I’m doing within Nortel so it’s a win/win type situation.  Maybe it’ll help me move laterally if my PMP talents are needed elsewhere in Nortel, or even if I get put somewhere and I need to manage multiple projects.


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