Daily Photo 29, 30, 31, 32… argghh…

Photo 29

Friday night we went to Provino’s to help our friend Felix Koerner celebrate his 44th.  He’s not usually a birthday person but he didn’t object this year to a dinner and we were happy to take part in the celebration.   Provino’s is always good because they have great salad and bread/dough balls sopping in garlic butter.  And we were constantly asking for more bread.  The more I ate the hungrier I got.

Tyler even likes their salad, having three servings! 

Tyler and Cameron spent the night over at David DiPetrio’s (Tracey’s son) house Friday night.  Little did Tracey know what she was getting into!

We considered a movie but by the time we were done with Provino’s we were rather stuffed and ready to call it a night. 

2009-02-01 PatGreen 013

Photo 30

Saturday night we went to a Pat Green concert at Wild Bill’s with Chris and Veronica.  They had bought the tickets and when we initially declined due to budget restrictions they couldn’t find anyone else… so they asked us to go anyway, tickets on them.  We relented and went with them, and we had a good time.  They had a friend who was able to track down some VIP bracelets for us and we were able to go up and sit next to the stage for the last part of the concert.  It was pretty awesome.

2009-02-01 PatGreen 008

Pat Green didn’t end up coming into that area after the show, however. 

During the day we were trying to figure out someone to watch the boys that night but Tracey said they could stay another night.  We owe her big time.  We didn’t get home until late and a sitter would have been some serious bucks.

Photo 31

Super-Bowl Day.

Chris and Veronica asked us to go to breakfast but we were still beat from the night before.  They ended up coming home with a smoker they found at a garage sale, so Chris and I went to the store to get some meat to smoke.  It turned out to be an awesome day for grilling and the smoker did a very good job.

It was also time to move my Blue Moon beer recipe from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter so I did that in between smoker checks.  The SG of it is 1.005!   I’m quite surprised it got that low.  Based on the OG that means it’s almost 6% ABV.  Not too bad.  Somehow it’s not quite 5 gallons.  Either I measured the 5-gallon line wrong in the bucket or I suffered through some evaporation due to not having an airlock on it for a while.

2009-02-01 SuperBowlSunday 001

I made ribs and chicken leg quarters, and he made a beer-can chicken and a pork roast.  They invited some people over but we ended up not paying much attention to the Super Bowl until the 4th quarter.  Then we all gathered around, and it was a great time.

On the way home we noticed our mailbox on the ground.  Hmmm… when we had gone inside to eat some of the neighbor boys had been skateboarding down the hill.  It looked like the weld holding the supporting bar just broke, so someone used it to break their fall or ran into it.  There were no dents so it wasn’t a car.  It was dark, and cold, and I was tired so I just left it for the morning.

Photo 32 – Monday

And of course Monday morning it was raining, and still cold.  But I went out and looked at the mailbox and was able to get a screw into the supporting bar in order to keep it on the post.  Not a permanent fix, but it’ll last until I can figure out something more permanent.  I tried to avoid having either duct tape, or vinyl zip ties in my solution.  I was surprised how easy it was to drill through the steel (I guess it’s steel).

But I truly wanted to sleep the entire day.  First thing I did when I got online, though, was find all the Super Bowl commercials.  Couple of them were okay, but as a whole it wasn’t the best Super Bowl for commercials.  I’m almost glad I played darts through most of it.  And I feel a little guilty for that.

By the way, I wanted the Cardinals to win because somewhere deep inside me I’m still a Cleveland Browns fan.

As soon as my ‘work’ was over I went and laid down to nap.  The boys took advantage of this and got on my computer to play some Spore.  When I woke up I went downstairs and watched House and The Closer with Teresa.  The Closer was surprisingly good, with Kyra Sedgwick.  It reminded me a lot of Columbo.  I think she even said at one point, “Oh, and one more thing…”  I went to The Closer website and found a photo gallery there named ‘Brenda’s Trenchcoats’, so maybe the connection is supposed to be obvious.


Photo 33 – Tuesday

Brrrr… it got cold again.  Snow was predicted, and probably some areas around us got some but we didn’t even get a drop even though the Weather.Com’s radar showed a bit pile of green condensation over our head.  It did make for a nice sunset.  I think there was snow or rain falling from some of these clouds.

2009-02-03 005 2009-02-03 002

Chris and Veronica invited us over for chili that turned out to be cajun soup.  We brought over some corn bread and cake, played darts (Teresa and I almost beat C&V, if I could have only thrown one more bullseye!), and a game called Blokus.  Fun night, but I was hoping to go work out after work.   I’m going to have to start going to work out in the mornings instead of at night.

Photo 34 – Wednesday

But not this morning.  Nonono… not this morning.  Tomorrow morning, for sure.  I’m going to have to set an alarm if I want to make it, I think.  This family just isn’t geared around an early morning rising.  Work today was constant, and challenging.  In the end I think I made the right calls.  I’m still waiting on some things to resolve so I’m at my desk, rather than … umm… working out. 

I don’t have a picture for today, so here’s a cute puppy instead.

cute puppy


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