Oops! – Photo 24, 25, 26, and 27… can I really do all these?

This week has been a little crazy.  Work has gone insane and I’ve not had many moments to keep the blog up to date so I’ll try to track down pictures from the past few days.  Although I think Monday and Tuesday may be a bit of a stretch.

Sunday… Beer making day…. Photo 24…

2009-01-25 001

That was the beer brewing on the stove.  It’s my turkey frying pot re-tasked for beer.  I was quite happy with how it all went down.  I was a bit surprised when I put the metal pot into an ice bath in the sink how quickly the temperature dropped.  Getting the wort down to a decent temperature to pitch the yeast has always been the hardest part of my beer-making… .  But this time ZOOM it crashed down and when I got everything in the fermenting bucket the wort was ~60 degrees Fahrenheit..  Still, the yeast activated overnight and my office soon smelt of beer.  That’s where I put the fermenting bucket since I figure keeping it in the 70 degree range is better than keeping it in the 60 degree range, which it would be if it were in the basement.

It all went fairly smooth, actually.  That is, until I went looking for my airlock to put on my primary fermenter.

Cameron had been playing in the front yard with the neighbor boys sliding down the grass on skim boards, and Cameron was looking for something appropriate for him to use.  The big block of wood he chose wasn’t working.  I went down and started to help him when I noticed my beer carboy was not in the box that it was supposed to be in… or at least the box it had been in since Christmas.  Cardboard makes for excellent hill-sliding, lacking more professionally designed objects, like skim-boards or boogie boards.

Knowing my airlock had been in the same box I glanced around, and found my airlock smashed on the ground.  It’s a piece of plastic, whatever, but it was about 20 minutes before I needed to install it on my primary fermenter and I’m afraid I didn’t take the timing of that indiscretion too well.

I’m a bit of a blowhard when I really get motivated.

I can’t help but feel guilty that I overreacted over a silly piece of $1.25 piece of plastic that I wouldn’t be able to replace until probably Tuesday and that my chorus training in high school has taught me how to bellow from the diaphragm instead of from the throat or through my nose.  Ahh, my kids are reaping the consequences of earning 1’s at State. 

I’m not sure where the urge to lecture continuously on the same point over and over came from.  I have no idea.


Monday … Photo 25… hmm, I got nothing. 

Work kicked off furiously on Monday, although I did take the time to go and exercise.  I listened to Paul Thurrott and the Windows Weekly podcast while treadmilling.


Tuesday … Photo 26…

Tried the chicken fajita recipe out of one of the grilling cookbooks Teresa got me for Christmas.  I have no picture.  It was fair.  Not quite the yummy goodness as the dry BBQ rub that has been so successful.

Neighbor’s invited us to a Pat Green concert at Wild Bill’s for the weekend but had to regretfully decline.  We’re tapped for entertainment budget this month.  Hard to say no, really.  We’re going to Rick Springfield the weekend after with Paul and Laurie, though.

I tried to run to the beer store to get a new airlock and racking cane for racking my beer from the primary to the secondary fermenter (fancy language for moving the beer from the bucket to the carboy).  It was closed when I got there. 

On the way down I heard the radio DJ complaining that the weather guy had said it was supposed to get into the 60’s, and that it was supposed to get into the 50’s the next day but take that with a grain of salt since they were so wrong today… tried to make a mental note to find out what the real high was but it got erased before I got home.

Since the beer store is near ToysRUs I decided to stop by and trade in a game the boys got for Christmas for a DS game Tyler wanted.  He wanted Pokemon Diamond because Cameron got Pokemon Pearl for his birthday, and they can play together using the DS WiFi (techno-talk for the fact that the DS’s can play together over wireless networking).  He leapt across the room to give me a hug.  That felt really good, but I reminded him (perhaps a little belatedly) that he should be hugging Nana and Pops, because they’re the ones that got him the Wii game I traded in.  So Nana, Pops… I got a really awesome hug that was really intended for you.  I’ll pass it on next time I see you.


Wednesday… Photo 27

Today was insane from a work perspective.  And tomorrow will be worse.  Teresa and the kids were gone most of the day since Wednesday is ‘park day’, although they went to Catch Air instead since it was raining.  Harley took advantage of the my being too busy with work to pay attention to him and everyone else gone…

2009-01-28 002

Not the best picture.  The camera was set in ‘night shot’ mode and I didn’t realize it so the shutter stayed open too long and caught jitter.

To get him back I took this embarrassing picture of him…

2009-01-28 009

That’ll show him!

I made it to the beer store.  I bought 3 airlocks for $1.25 each.  I told the guy in the beer store I needed an airlock and he went and grabbed one for me.  We then talked about the different racking canes available, I chose one he recommended and decided to buy a couple extra airlocks.  He looked at me funny but I just shrugged and mumbled something about kids and plastic and garages.  Then I asked him about extra grommets for the fermenter lids and he said, “Really?”  He was out of them, but got me one from a lid off one of the fermenters in the store.  Speaking of which, it’s in my pocket and I don’t want it to go through the wash.

I’ll be back there before bottling to get more bottle caps.  Why don’t beer kits come with bottle caps anymore?  They used to…




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