Daily Photo Log 22, 23

Saturday was a very mild, pleasant day.  I drove the convertible to the grocery store with the top down.  I texted Teresa that when you have the top down all the little pieces of paper that the boys leave in the back of the car float up and fly out of the car and it cleans it out.  She remarked something about it isn’t quite warm enough for the top down in her opinion (I think her words were, ‘It ain’t that damn warm out’) and I told her it was quite nice, actually.

It was so nice out I was excited to get to use my grill.  We scrounged in our freezer too look for some kind of meat I could cook on the grill and we settled on Steak Lemongrass Sakes, which has nothing to do with rice sake.  Since we don’t keep lemongrass on hand I had to go to the store to see if they had any and to get more bamboo skewers.

All they had was lemongrass paste, so I decided to just make Lemongrass Sakes without the lemongrass.

2009-01-23 Cellphone Pics 002

I’ve decided now (after grilling in much cooler, borderline temperatures tonight) that from now on whenever I cook I need to put on one of my awesome aprons, and have a rag with me at all times.  These had soy sauce and I probably ruined another shirt marinating them and skewering them.

Tyler helped, too.

2009-01-23 Cellphone Pics 004

But Friday was absolutely beautiful.

2009-01-23 Cellphone Pics 001 

I played a few poker tournaments last night and I think it was a little profitable.  By ‘little’ I mean a dollar or two.  I did well and because I did well figured I should play in a $5 tournament, and some $3 tournaments and those didn’t turn out so well.  Turned out to be a rather late night.

Slept in a little bit this morning but hoped to get my haircut and a couple other errands done.  Took the boys with me and we dropped of the movies from Cameron’s party, got our haircut…

2009-01-24 Cellphone Pics 001

… and then went and washed Teresa’s car to get all the snow dirt off of it.  The reaction of me telling her I actually washed her car was probably the best reaction I’ve seen from her during our marriage.  She almost wanted to hug me.

But then it was ‘load this in the van please, I need to go’.  She was loading junk to take to a junk swap… there were rumors there would be Legos there, and the boys can never have too many Legos.

Tonight I grilled again, but as I said the weather was much more borderline and I didn’t start until it was dark.  I figured out that’s one of the things I don’t like about winter.  Getting dark at 6pm is just silly.  They need to fix that.  We need it lighter in the winter.

Poker tonight was very fruitful.  Played a $4 tournament that had 180 players in it and I came in 7th for a $27 cash.  Considering I’ve been playing such small stakes that’ll pay for a lot of those $1 and $3 tournaments and hopefully grow that money I have on PokerStars just a bit more.  I’m using Hold’em Manager during the 15-day trial period.  It’s $55 to buy it, and I’d have to cash some money out of FullTilt to get it, but I like what I see so far.

I came up with some items for my to-do list today while grilling out in the cold.  Some of these are projects for the house once it gets warmer… some are things I’m going to do here on my blog.  Keep your eyes peeled.  It might take me a while to put it together here, but I think it’ll be useful.

Tomorrow I’m making beer and the boys want to be able to help me with that, too.  Wow.. helpers will be cool!


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