Daily Photo 20, 21 — Dreams, Flu, Work

Daily Photo 20:


Screenshot of what 4-tabling an online poker site looks like.  I tried to wipe out any identifying characteristics of my opponents.  I played quite a bit of poker Tuesday night in mostly $1, $3 and $4 games.  My bankroll on Pokerstars is quite small because I had pulled most of it out last year sometime so I can’t afford to play in the big games.  I think I broke even for the night overall although try as I might I can’t get the tournament summaries into my tracking software. 

Why am I playing poker when I don’t even know if I’m going to have a job?  Am I playing to build my roll?  Become a professional poker player? 

Nahh…. although I was hoping some lightning would strike and I’d score a decent place, especially in the $4 games.  I don’t really have enough in my account to play the $4 games consistently.

What ended up happening was my winnings in the $1 almost paid for the others, which isn’t a bad thing, really, especially since if lightning had struck my bankroll would be sitting pretty.   What I really just needed to put a lot of hands into play so that  I could see some GOOD hands and not get too discouraged.  The night before I had played a few and really had some horrible cards and didn’t win anything.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you see bad card hit after bad card… you start to wonder if there will ever be a good thing to come along.  They do, but for some reason we don’t remember the times when WE’RE lucky as much as the times we remember when someone else was lucky at our expense.  Instead of getting discouraged I like ploughing forward, getting some decent wins under my belt to keep my confidence high.

Since I’m so broke on Pokerstars the best way to play a lot of hands in order to see the ups and the downs is by playing tourneys.   And I think it’s giving me the poker bug again.

I’ve also been trying to figure out Twitter again, and I found a couple sites and apps that let you do searches.  I’d really like to twitter more about poker, and with poker people.  Most of the people I follow on twitter are social media folks, tech folks, Mac folks, or some combination of the three.  But maybe I’ll have something more in common with poker people and have a real conversation.

Or maybe not.

Daily Photo 212009-01-19 2009 Snow 009

Teresa came home today from her field trip to see snow in North Carolina with the boys.  They had a good time, but brought a bit of a flu bug back.  Cameron was lethargic Wednesday when they were at a tube slide snow park and he was the early odds favorite for being the sickest.  The boys got home and Tyler came and sat on my lap and we talked about video games… Spore mostly. 

Spore is a video game where you start out as a microbe and evolve your way up the food chain, all the way to walking on land, becoming a tribe, into civilization where you have to best cities populated by your fellow race and finally make it up into space to explore the galaxy.  They’ve been playing the game but my computer is the only one that can play it, other than maybe Teresa’s laptop(s) (one of them is still out of commission).  I have to get off my computer for them to get to play it so they use my exercise time and other times when I’m gone to play.  Which is like never.

I was playing poker, and not going anywhere, so they sat on my lap after their showers and I started up the game.

One of the quests is to make it to the center of the galaxy.. I’ve been able to do that.  One of the quests you get in the middle of the galaxy is to find Sol.  That’s right, somewhere in the game there is our sun, and our planets.  I was using it as a teaching moment, showing them the different colors of suns, and what size they are, showing them the Milky Way galaxy and about where we’re supposed to be within that galaxy, while playing the game and looking for Sol.  They sat on my lap a while until Teresa called from downstairs that it was bed-time.  I suppose I shoulda known that, but I was playing a game, teaching the boys and playing poker.    They went into their room, and I finished up the poker tournaments.

Then I read to them and we all turned in.

About 3am there was a hue and cry.  I opened my eyes and saw Cameron in my bed.. I’m thinking he just got sick and then crawled in, but no, it was Tyler being sick.  Teresa got up to help him out and I struggled in some in between place in consciousness, finally heard Harley whimpering to go potty and that motivated me enough to get up and let the dogs out.  Checked on Tyler before going back to bed and have to recite the alphabet continuously to distract myself from thinking that since this sick child spend 2 hours sitting on my lap earlier I must be sick and nauseous, too.  And the more I think about being sick, the sicker I feel, so I distract myself, and it works.

I dream about a forest, with shadowy figures in it that I cannot reach.  When I run directly at them somehow it is never directly at them but at an angle so I can never catch up to them, or see what or who they are, but I am alarmed.  I shout to the others around me, but my mouth is numb and I can’t talk.. like after a visit to the dentist’s office.

Hence the picture… although it is from Teresa’s drive into the snow it seemed appropriate.  Freaky dream.  I’m sure I was moaning aloud.

Morning comes too soon after that, especially since I have a meeting with colleagues in the UK and so have to go sit at my desk an entire 30 minutes earlier than usual.  It feels like hours earlier than usual as I switch the coffee pot on the warm yesterday’s dregs, let the dogs out (again) and make some toast.  Am I feeling sick?  Was that twinge just now nausea?  A-B-C-D-E…


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