Daily Photo Log – Day 16, 17, and a bonus

From the weekend.  We spent Saturday night in a cabin up in Ellijay.  Had a great time with Chris, Veronica, Dale and Vicky.2009-01-17 004

We just arrived.  The place was very nice, had a hot-tub and a pool-table.

2009-01-17 005

I had just carried that log in front of the fire pit up the hill.  It was exhausting.  I carried two logs, but Chris only carried one.  He said his was bigger, but mine was longer.  Plus I carried two, not just one.  We didn’t even end up burning that one.  After we got the fire going in the outside fire pit it got too cold to sit out there anymore.

2009-01-17 010

Pieces of snow started falling out of the sky while we were in the hot-tub.  It was very pretty.  After the hot-tub everyone crashed.  It was only like 11:30pm.  Then Dale, who is a fireman, got up at 7am and started cooking sausage and eggs.  We brought breakfast stuff, too, but we didn’t cook ours until 11.

Now we’re about to go out to Cameron’s birthday dinner.


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