Daily Photo Log – Day 15

I know, I missed Day 14.  I played poker and had a couple brews in my basement and somehow pulled a teenie little muscle in my back that makes it hard to breathe and sleep.  Ibuprofen knocks out the pain if I remember to take it, though.

Here’s Cameron’s birthday last night.  He had friends sleep-over.  At one point 4 were playing Halo in teams, and Tyler and Dylan were playing Half-Life Opposing Force with Dylan’s Dad, John over the internet.

The movie marquee included Ironman, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Prince Caspian, and Star Wars Clone Wars.

2009-01-16 Cam Sleepover 002

Cameron got Pokemon Pearl for the DS which he was dying to get, a board-game, a Bakugan booster pack, and an MP3 player.  He asked me to load it, but it only took MP3’s (duh, Art, it’s an MP3 player) but somehow when I imported all our CD’s I didn’t import them as MP3’s, I imported them as M4A’s.  That, and I had to format it in order to be able to copy files to it.  I finally got it working, ripped a few CD’s real quick and loaded it with Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Johnny Cash and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I’m sure I’ll be putting some Aerosmith on it sooner or later, too.  He also got a good amount of cash so he can probably get another DS game if he chooses.


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