Daily Photo Log – Day 13

This isn’t my photo, obv, but it was the day that Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection so I figured it was appropriate.  It’s Mike Zafirovsky, our CEO.

Zafirovski, 52, has been struggling with a very difficult situation at Nortel. The Canadian telecom-equipment maker has suffered through accounting scandals for years, ever since the Internet and telecom bust. Despite assurances that the problems had been cleaned up before he joined in November, 2005, Zafirovski had to oversee yet another restatement of its financials shortly after joining the company. Prior to Nortel, Mike Z., as he's known, had been president and chief operating officer at Motorola, where he helped the company increase market share and boost profitability. He spent 25 years at General Electric, including 13 years as president and chief executive officer of five businesses in the industrial, financial services, and insurance businesses. A native of Macedonia, Zafirovski holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, which awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2002.

It’s not my photo so I need to credit it… it comes from a Newsweek mention.  The text when you hover over the picture is from Newsweek, not from me.

Funny how it was Day 13 of my daily photo log.  13 is usually such a lucky number for me.  I was born on the 13th, after all.

The weekend is looming.  Lot of stuff going on. Friday is Cameron’s skate party in the evening, then a few come back over for a sleepover.  Saturday Teresa and I are going to Blue Ridge to spend a getaway night with our neighbors and another couple.  Sunday is Cameron’s actual birthday, so we’ll have whatever he wants for dinner, I reckon.

Just checked the weather.  The forecasted low for tonight?  13.

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