Daily Photo Log – Day 11

Sky shots, yay!  My favorite!

I left to go to the grocery store and took this picture with my phone:


On my way there I saw the sunward sky was even cooler, so I called home from the grocery store to tell Teresa to have Tyler take this picture off our back deck:

2009-01-12 Misc 005

Then by the time I got home it looked like this.

2009-01-12 Misc 007

We had real sun today.  It was great… I pulled up the blinds in my office and let it in.

Still got a head full of crap.  You know that commercial where the person has the teddy bear for a head because they’re stuffed up (stuffed up, get it?)?  Well, that’s me.  I’m not going to exercise tonight because I can’t really breathe through my nose.  Maybe that’s a cop-out, maybe not.  I’m feeling a little guilty about it.  I want to go but I also don’t want to be blowing my nose every 45 seconds while on a treadmill.  I’m taking decongestant out the wazoo (spell checker wants to make ‘wazoo’ either wahoo or kazoo, but I’m a maverick and I say ‘add to dictionary’) and it’s sorta helping and mostly not.  Maybe I should have gotten some of that nasal spray stuff.

I bought bread, milk, some soda for me (it feels like the first soda I’ve had in months), a new lightbulb for Tyler’s Lava Lamp, hamburger buns for dinner and some chips.  These are ‘just get enough until the next paycheck’ times.  Four days left.

After getting some hot wings with a pizza order this weekend I’ve determined that I’m never ordering or eating hot wings again.  This is a rather crushing blow, but nothing is worth that.  While searching the net for a way to explain it delicately I ran across this rather interesting site with language that isn’t fit for my mother… so I’ll just link it and not say anything else.


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