Daily Photo, Days 8,9 and 10

Okay, I got a little behind.  Here’s my day 8 and 9 photo.  I could have been a little more creative with the photography, but I wasn’t up to it… well, maybe it’ll speak for itself:


Yes, I was medicated.  And that’s the good stuff… Teresa had to give DNA in order to get the pseudoephedrine decongestant from CVS, even though it only cost $4.  Now she’s got a file at the FBI.  Sinus medicine = sinus infection = very little sleep for me.  I’ve been up most of both nights.

I actually got a couple things done while medicated.  I finally got the time to clean out the smoker from the New Year’s Eve… cleaning the grates, the water bowl, and the charcoal bowl.  Since I read the directions and it had me ‘cure’ it, a lot like ‘seasoning’ a cast iron skillet the clean-up was pretty easy actually.  S’posed to do that for grills, too… I need to do that for my grill to keep the grills themselves from rusting.  Usually I cook it off before I stick food on it, but it’ll keep longer.  Things you learn from directions.

And today, when letting the dogs out (I actually expected these pictures to dominate my daily Photo but keep forgetting to take my camera out with me during the evening ‘dog out’).


36 degrees out when taking the dogs out this evening.  I remember on Friday the forecast was sunny for today.  Even this morning it said ‘mostly sunny’.  Our gloomy winter continues.    Does this sky look ‘mostly sunny’?  Nope… Had my blinds open most of the day and there was no sun.

We cleaned the basement today… I used my new compressed air stapler to fix the backs of our leather couches that have been falling off ever since the boys were small and stood on them to see over the backs.  Amazing.  That’s one more thing off the to-do list.


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