Georgia Winter – Daily Photo Log – Day 5

These are the winters I remember from my time in school at Auburn.

Grey, sunless skies and everything is eternally damp and squishy.  The ground is mud, and it stays mud for weeks at a time.

Today I stepped out back and snapped a picture of the sky.  Not much to see.  I tuned it up a little in Picasa just to bring out the clouds.

2009-01-06 003

More storms are rolling through tonight.  I’m not complaining.  All across the north people are getting tons of snow and causing real problems like power outages, dangerous driving conditions and still have to go about the ‘back to business’ of post-holiday January.  And this weather is great for our lakes.  They are certainly benefiting from all the rain.

Here comes the line of storms for this evening.  The ‘X’ in the middle is our zip-code.



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