2009 Goals

It is the time of the year when many are making new resolutions for the year.  Resolutions are notoriously failure-prone.  Not for a lack of willpower or due to any personality flaw in the people making them, but a mistaken approach.  Doing anything ‘cold turkey’ is extremely difficult.

There are some things I want to make sure I do this year.  Brew more beer… exercise regularly… get my PMP certification if I can get past the application process (other people need to vouch for your time spent as a project manager)… use my new grilling books and smoker to take some of the meal preparation load off of Teresa… I could call those ‘goals’ for the year but I don’t really have a clear enough way of defining them.  Things like ‘lose weight’ are always popular but I’m hoping as long as I exercise regularly and eat sensibly (most of the time) then that should follow along naturally.  And I’m going to do that… starting Monday.

I’m not really being THAT much of a procrastinator… Yes, I took some time off over the holidays, but some of that was because we lost a vehicle on Christmas Eve Eve and didn’t get it fixed until this week.  And I’m going down to my brother-in-law’s this weekend in order to have Christmas with Teresa’s parents.  I’ll be out of town, so not much I can do about making it to the Y then… I could have gone yesterday but I was actually pretty busy straightening up the house, basement, taking out the trash… stuff I had neglected for a while.  But seriously… Monday.

Spend less than we make is another ‘goal’ I’d really like to achieve.  We are trying to keep closer to our budget this year, but that’s really a carry over from the end of last year.  I’m trying to use Microsoft Money to track everything, and use it to figure out what kind of a budget really makes sense for things like eating out, clothes, entertainment, etc, etc.  That’s really a running goal, though.

I don’t really feel like making any poker goals.  I’ve fallen out of playing poker again.  I’m rather ADD in this respect.  Gametap has had some good games lately and I’ve been using my leisure time for those rather than poker. 

Poker Update: so I get an AIM today, “Horseament?”  … HORSE is a poker tournament where you play Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, 7-card Stud, and Stud H/L (the E comes from “eight or better” in the Low part of H/L Stud).  I said ‘Sure, why not!’  I got lucky at the end when it was heads-up and won.  Sigh.  Nothing like winning a small poker tournament to make you want to play a game more.

But really, what DO I want to do with the new year? 

While clicking around Flickr I noticed that some people there do a picture a day for the year.  That intrigues me.  I’ve seen picture blogs.. or ‘moblogs’ for Mobile-blogs.  It is actually how I got started with the whole social-networking on the internet, back before it was called social-networking.

That might be fun… take some kind of picture and blog it on a daily basis, and track the entire year that way.  I’m going to try to do that… perhaps starting with today.  It will probably have a lot of pictures of my office, desk, or something along those lines.  I’ll put it here, though… not on Flickr.

I want to keep my web-presences fairly well defined… Facebook is for fun and conversations with my friends, people I knew in High School, and family.  That’s kind of my 2-way conversation place.  Twitter is for my one-way conversation, where I toss out web-links that I find interesting.  Flickr is where I put photos.  But this is my site for self-expression.  I try to make it interesting and entertaining but really I use this alot for ruminating.  Unfortunately most of my ruminations get deleted before I post them.  Maybe I’ll stop doing that this year, too.  This post almost didn’t get published, either.

Anyway… need to go and pack for the weekend and eat something.  I’ll be posting a picture here for today later.

I guess the jury is still out as far as ‘goals’ for the year.  Sigh.


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