Weekend is here

It was a cold, dark, rainy night….   seriously.  I guess Snoopy usually said ‘stormy’.  My little thermometer on my desktop tells me it’s 52 degrees (F) outside, and that’s actually up from this afternoon when it was 47 degrees (F).  It’s been drizzly rain all day… the kind of rain that if only it were 30 degrees cooler would have been a substantial snowstorm.

We went and joined the YMCA yesterday… I’m tempted to go, but yet that would mean getting out in the cold wetness… that’s not entirely a bad thing but yet here I sit.  I sit and sit.  The boys will be attending a PE class at the Y twice a week.

Just got done playing some poker.  Started out abysmally and it improved from there.  I might play a little more later.

Been thinking about the whole goal thing.  When I was hanging out in the poker forums there was always a monthly goals thread.  I really need that, I think, to keep an eye on my month.

Right now one short-term goal is no more beer until I hit 205 pounds.  I know working out is actually going to make me gain some weight here (if I ever go), but even then that isn’t so bad.  One of my November goals will be about exercise.

I think I do want to return to playing poker and move up stakes to get to a decent level where I can pull money out of it.  The games online have been quite good lately and I don’t see anyone complaining.  Another one of my short term goals will be about poker.  Perhaps a number of hands to play.  Focusing on the number of hands to play takes out the frustration of winning or losing because the goal is the number of hands and to make good decisions.  I’ve been making pretty good decisions most of the time.  I need to figure out when I move up stakes again.

Guys on the poker forum are talking about a Las Vegas meeting sometime next year.  That would be really cool to attend.  But of course I need to figure out how I’m going to pay for it.  Hence more poker.  Though early in the year is usually pretty good since we have tax returns and that’s when I have the chance at a work bonus.  I think that’s based on earnings, though, and not quite sure where those are going to stand.

Guess I’ll go lose myself in a virtual world of some sort for a while… until my eyes don’t want to stay open any more.


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