It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, I’m playing poker, and I’m fairly bored. 

Teresa and the kids had park day today and generally after a trip to the park Teresa deserves a dinner off, so they usually hit a Mexican restaurant afterwards.  Sometimes I go meet them, sometimes I don’t.  Tonight I was in the mood for a Big Mac but the van’s battery was dead so I had to rummage in the fridge to scratch up something.

Trouble is, we don’t have a microwave at the moment.  It disappeared about the same time Dave came over for a visit so I think he belatedly took me up on my offer to send the microwave with him on one of his previous visits.  Teresa wants an over-the-stove microwave… so she went out shopping for one.  She found one, too, fairly cheap but it wasn’t in stock at the store so we’re supposed to get a call when it comes in.

I ate some cold mac-n-cheese and a tortilla.  I considering having a glass of water, too.

Got up late this morning so didn’t get a chance to take a shower until 4pm.  It’s sinus infection time again and I’m fighting one off unsuccessfully at the moment so the afternoon shower was actually kind of welcome so that I could wake myself up a bit.  I’ve been really tired in the afternoons lately.

We’re trying to get to the point where we can run out and join the YMCA again… I really would like to get back to a real, regular workout.  "Would like to" and "motivated to get out and do something about it" are not equivalents, however… so here I sit.

It’s coming up on holiday season.  The boys are excited about Halloween.  Not sure where we’re going to go this year, if we’re going to go to another neighborhood or not.  We’ve got new neighbors next store with younger kids that play with Cameron, but we still don’t have a real active Halloween neighborhood.  Then of course Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I’m a bit directionless at the moment.  No real short-term goals outside of a vague bet with Teresa that if and when I can fit into a size 34 pair of pants again then I get an HD flat screen TV for my office.  I need to figure something out.  Some goal… something that fills in these holes that I have in time so I can turn it productive in some sort of way.


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