Whooooosh, there goes the week (whoosh there goes the week)..

There’s a song that my blog title fits, but I can’t think of the "real" words to figure it out.

This week was a quick one.  Usually quick weeks are fully of activity, preparation or other semi-productive activity but all I’ve really done is work.

We’ve had Aurora staying with us since camping and she’s been fun to have around.  You tend to forget all the things you take for granted once there’s a 4-year old running around the house getting into things you didn’t expect to be gotten into.  The basement looks like a tornado hit it which is making the previous states look downright tidy in comparison.

It’s been a week of sniffles, coughing and blowing noses, too, as both Aurora and Tyler have colds.  Teresa took Tyler to the doc on Monday and it was diagnosed as a virus, so not much to do but treat the symptoms and wait for the body to fight it.

Aurora, Cameron and even Tyler have been taking turns in our bed at night throughout the week depending on who woke up whom.  Some nights they took shifts with Cameron coming in earlier and then Aurora stumbling in later, and thus kicking Cameron back to his own bed.

One night it got down to the 40’s and the boys had their window open with a fan blowing the air into the room.  It felt like a meat locker, and there was Cameron laying under a single fuzzy blanket.  Later when asked why he didn’t get a blanket he said, "I was going to, but…"  I know the feeling.  Freezing yet too tired to get up and do something about it.

At the time Tyler was surrounded by a nest of tissues as he spent the night emptying what was left of a tissue box.  He had a nice warm comforter around him, though.

Tuesday Teresa had a bunch of families over to have a marathon bread-baking session.  The house smelled delicious and the next day I had cinnamon rolls for two meals… out of four.  Yum, yum…. but kinda of working against all the discipline I’d had for the three weeks leading up to the camping trip, but sometimes you just gotta say…

Just read some news stories that say our gas shortage in Ga is going to last until after Columbus Day… Oct 13th.  We’ve cut back so much on our gas usage that we don’t use much, which is good… but I need an excuse to go find gas so I can fill up my lawnmower gas-can.  I definitely don’t want to go wait in a gas line just to fill a 2 gallon gascan.  One station was actually as low as $3.25 on the gas prices website recently… so even though it is scarce it is getting cheaper.  I guess when the economy tanks gas prices come down.

I’m not real worried about the looming economic crisis.  I’ve got a fairly secure job, our energy demands are pretty low (tho not by any real desire to feel ‘green’ or protect the planet… it was an economic decision more than anything), mortgage is established, and we’ve taken steps to make sure our retirement funds aren’t as affected by the ups and downs as they might have been.  We can hunker down and let it blow over.  Again, most of the decisions recently weren’t made for any insight into preparing for the crisis but just all happened at the right times.


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