Microsoft Ads

Boy, Microsoft sure got the tech pundit world humming with those Jerry Seinfeld / Bill Gates ads.  There’s a common thread through all the complaints… "But what are they SELLING?"  They complain about not knowing what product the Microsoft ads are hawking because the ads don’t come out and say, "Hey, we’re selling you Product X."  Seems like it is a specious criticism though since most of the people who watched the ads went to to watch them.  What do you THINK they’re selling there?  Everyone knows Microsoft made them.  Bill Gates is in them.  And yet they still complain that they didn’t get a hard sell on one of Microsoft’s products (or three).  Eh?  Maybe I’m giving them the tech pundits too much credit.  Who knows, maybe Bill Gates would accept an endorsement deal with Shoe Carnival and their line of Conquistador shoes.  Or churros.


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