Nothing To See Here… Move Along

I’ve actually been feeling a bit bored lately.  There really hasn’t been anything lately that’s really captured my interest and made me stay up too late or made me want to run and tell everyone about it in here.  Other than college football.  And really I just like watching the games.  USF game last week was an awesome game, and I thought I was going to be hoarse today from yelling at the Auburn game.  Auburn scored three points.  Sigh.

In other news Tyler’s helicopter flew yesterday, quite a few times.  He got it for his birthday and it is a pretty nice toy.  He took it out of the package put it on the ground outside and floored the accelerator (RC controls) and it flew up, up, UP.  Problem was it was just the residual charge from the factory and so it died almost as quick and performed an emergency landing on the driveway, with only minor damage.  He went and plugged it in to charge…

Next time the controls did nothing… he had left the switch on ON so the charge didn’t stick.  Since then I’d asked him a couple times since if he wanted to fly it, but whatever he was doing at the time was much more exciting at that point.

Some neighbor boys were around and he brought it out again, and it flew!  It was a bit whacky, and probably could use some tweaking in order to get it to fly straight but I let the boys play with it without ‘taking control’.  I think I do that a bit much with them and am going to try to keep from ‘taking control’ unless they specifically ask me for help.

That night at dinner I was relating how it was chasing Alex (the boy across the street) the first couple times he flew it and Tyler was smiling and said, "When you say it like that it sounds funny."

We did get cable installed so that we can use the jacks in the bedrooms for televisions, if we ever get televisions/devices for those rooms.  So far I think pretty much everyone hates the cable.  The picture is worse on many of the channels and the set-top box and DVR looks like a Commodore 64 program.  I really expected more from them after so many years.

DirecTV really offered me some awesome deals to keep me as a customer so I would recommend to anyone out there who has had DirecTV for a couple years or so call them up and tell them you’re thinking about changing over to cable.  Since I want to use devices with tuners in them, I can’t use the feed from the satellite!  I really wish there was something more that could be done about that.

I *really* want TV over the internet.  That’s what I really want.  ESPN360 is the closest I’m getting to that with my weekend non-broadcast football games.  But even that has some quirks… it freezes alot and the quality would suddenly downgrade for a while.  They say you can rewind, but you really can’t… you can back up the progress bar to a couple minutes before… but the two controls you have are ‘pause’ and ‘go to the next video’. 

Was watching a news snippet today from Japan saying how everyone over there watches TV on their mobile phones.  Geez, that’d be cool.

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