Football Season

It’s football season, yay!  I got to watch some college football this weekend.  It wasn’t a spectacular weekend with only about three games I really wanted to watch:  Auburn, UofF, and South Carolina.  South Carolina lost… somehow, and I have no idea why but I smile when Steve Spurrier loses, even though I was a very big fan of his when he coached the Tampa Bay Bandits.  Usually when I am watching (the) U of F I want them to win, but I never want to see them too strong so they don’t beat Auburn.. 🙂  Auburn looked alright… would have been better if they hadn’t fumbled so many times.  I may have watched too much, though, since Lou Holtz appeared in my dream last night.

Other than watch football this weekend, I did some yardwork, some hanging-up stuff on walls work this weekend.  I fixed our banisters that have been almost falling off the wall for a while now.  When I took them off to paint when we moved in the aluminum screws that they were installed with were stripped, so I used others.  Turns out those others were just too short.  Longer screws and the banisters are solid again.  Another thing I was very satisfied with was using the weedeater for an extended period of time without having to stop it, pull some of the cord off the spool, and then coax the weedeater into starting again.

Did you see those commercials during the Olympics for the burger joint where they had sports announcers announcing the assembly of a burger?  I do that in my head all the time while I’m doing my chores.  So while the little things like the extended time between weedeater spool maintenance are going on I’m saying in my head, "And he’s … still … going, folks!"

Other than yard work I did some basic office organization as well as played with a spreadsheet all day Sunday juggling budgets and all that fun.  And that was just as spectacular.  In my head.

Our garage is due again… it really needs another re-organization.  We’re going to be camping soon so I need to inventory and organize that stuff as well to make sure we have everything.

There are (as always) a gazillion things to do but it gets even harder to get to them during college football season.

Not much else to talk about really other than at work I’m incredibly busy.  Just about my entire work day these days is allocated to either meetings, or me reserving time in my calendar to actually do the things I get told to do in the meetings.  My project is getting a lot of exposure within Nortel, and we’re really getting into a crunch time.  That covers me up during the days, and then the evenings I’ve been trying to play some games with the boys after dinner.  At first it was fun but now it’s getting to the point where I have to require it, which takes some of the fun out of it.  Come play a game with me, NOW!  Bah.

I tried to get a picture of Cameron eating an ear of corn last night and missing two rows of corn on either side of his teeth but it embarassed him and he didn’t want it taken.  It would have been an awfully cute picture.

Still reading Hardy Boys to the boys… I think they’re getting into it.  I’ve got one or two more I think from my old collection but I may need to start looking for more.  I only read two chapters a night, so it’s not like I’m tearing through the books.


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