A Case of the Mondays on Tuesday

I’m glad today’s over, work-wise anyway.  Phew, it was one of those days where the things you thought you were doing right were wrong, and the wrong things were wronger than you thought.  In fact one of my ‘tweets’ today was:

artstanton: What is the "careening out of control down a steep slope, desperately grabbing at anything for a temporary illusion of stability" emoticon?

(Mom: an ’emoticon’ is like the sideways smiley face, 🙂 … a symbol with characters that tells how you feel)

Before I dive into my world of fantasy and magic (as I stated on my facebook status) I thought I’d jot a quick blog since I’ve been a bit remiss and just tossing a picture or two up on the page to let everyone know I’m still alive (and hyperconnected).

Everything has been on cruise control lately.  I’ve been doing house-chores like mowing the yard, getting an attachment for the weed-eater to hack a trail through our back-yard wilderness, digging holes for trees, and pressure-washing the house, lawnmower, car, plastic yard-chairs (they needed it!) and anything else that strikes my fancy when I’m wielding the pressure-washer wand.  I think technically I could have been fined for pointing it at the car, since the water in the lake is still at extremely low levels, but I’m guess I’m just a suburban rebel.

The attachment for the weedeater really works surprising well.  Teresa had told me before I dug the hole for the tree that she wanted to plant some bushes in front of it, for kind of a layered effect.  It also wasn’t to be too close to the railroad tie-planter, or too close to the street.  I stuck it next to the weeds, about a tree-crown away from the planter.  I watched her go out and inspect the digging and could see the "Hmm" in her stance even though I was one story up and 50 feet away.  Her concern was over the weeds behind the hole and I said "Yeah, I can clear those."  "Ok" she said. 

Teresa and I were able to sneak out for a little while this weekend all by our lonesome and what did we do in our time alone?  Went to Home Depot to buy a weedeater attachment so I could clear weeds  Clearly the spark is still there.

These ‘tweets’ I mentioned earlier are like mini-blogs.  But I sort of do feel they take away some of my impetus and motivation for writing the main blog.  Usually I have an idea or an experience I’m trying to capture in the blog and really don’t think the day-to-day is all that interesting enough for a blog entry.

I should be doing more for our yard.  The instructions for the county are "water at night between 10pm and 8am with a single hose".  Stand in my yard every other night (odds and evens) holding a hose to water my yard?  Hmmm, yah.  My yard has suffered.  People who pay for the ‘Tru-Green’ type fertilizing services still have pretty nice yards.  Maybe it’s just a fertilizer issue.  I keep thinking I’ll be able to do that, but it keeps being put off a year.

College football season has started, yay!  I found out during the time Teresa and I snuck out at a Mexican restaurant.  Over the weekend I also discovered ESPN360, which is a website that shows some of the sports event programming from ESPN.  Not the news or anything, just the events themselves.  Turns out quite a few games were on there, including Auburn vs. Louisiana-Monroe, a game that would never be televised, ever.  I got to watch it live online!  It beat watching a game I didn’t want to watch just so I could watch the scores scroll across the bottom!

I also signed up for cable today, to replace our DirecTV.  I love satellite, really, but I have a general dislike for their current DVR interfaces.  I used to like the interface better.  I’m not guaranteed that cable’s interface is any better, but I can get a device that will plug into my computer and I’ll have instant HD TV, and DVR.  They cost about $100 and are on my Christmas list.  But I need a signal the device can understand, and satellite doesn’t.  I haven’t told the kids yet that they are losing their DVR.  They sure love recording their shows, but the leases for cable are more expensive.  We paid for service+box in DirectTV so an extra box was just an add-on to that, but in cable it is per-box, and more expensive.

Upcoming events… camping in September up in beautiful Helen, GA…. no Thanksgiving or Christmas plans as of yet.  Probably need to start thinking about those…

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