The company I work for, Nortel, has a term for today’s burgeoning communication martketplace.  The number of different devices and methods we use to communicate on a daily basis is exploding.  They call it Hyperconnectivity.  They’re having a contest to find the most hyperconnected employee of Nortel.

There were 4 things I could do… fill out a web-based form, e-mail 500 words or less, upload a video, or … the kicker … surprise them with a way of communicating.

Here’s what I’d like to do… anyone reading this send an e-mail to hyperconnected@notnats.com with the subject line "Art Stanton is Hyperconnected".  For every unique e-mail account you have, too, if that’s possible (work, personal, etc).

It will automatically forward on to their e-mail.

Thanks for your help!


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