No News is Good News

It’s been a while.

I haven’t really had a lot to write about lately.  Last week for the entire week Teresa and the boys were in Florida at the house of one of our friends’ parents.  What started out to be a 3-4 day trip extended itself into an 8 day trip.  An empty house and a renewed Everquest 2 account meant that I didn’t really do much outside of work, sleep, and play EQ2 online.

The last thing I think I want to start doing is detailing my online adventures in the blog.  Suffice it to say that I have met up with some old friends and have been enjoying myself.  EverQuest 2 is rather unique as an online game in that while there are contingents of the dedicated and hardcore players there are also a lot of fathers, mothers, and families online.  Online you can band together to form a guild with people that have common interests.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time online with those friends working towards what amounts to unlocking a giant puzzle.

It’s fun.  It passes the time.  It’s entirely non-productive.  It’s social.

I’ve not been playing very much poker as a result, but I do like to take breaks from that periodically.  I played a little bit this weekend and will probably phase in some more playing, just to make sure my skills don’t get rusty.  You never know when a surprise trip to Vegas drops out of the sky.

This week, however, I’ve had another obsession.  Watching Season 2 of Heroes.  I forgot to turn the Netflix trial account off in time so now we’re members of both Blockbuster and Netflix.  Netflix is cool, and I love the online watching but it the online catalog is very limited.  They have a lot of movies that usually end up in the discount bins.  Every once in a while a new Dirty Harry movie will appear, or a television series, but mostly it isn’t stuff I care to watch.  They do have a lot of History Channel documentaries, too.  Certainly not enough material to warrant the subscription when we get less movies.  I like the Blockbuster trade-in deal better.

Funny thing is about playing EQ2, and watching Heroes is that although these are sit-on-my-butt tasks and one would think that means I’ve been lazier than usual, I’ve actually been in the yard a lot more.  Since I got a weed-eater weekend before last and now realize the limitations of it I’m out there pulling and clearing the beds a lot more.  The weedeater is more of an edger tool than a tool to clear a bed full of weeds.  It still astounds me the things I learn, even when I’m 41.

We have been having a good number of afternoon thunderstorms.  They make a lot of noise and threaten a lot but they’re not really dropping a whole lot of rain.  Not enough to fill any lakes anyway.

That’s all for now… Bought a bunch of chicken leg quarters today from the local chicken plant and I need to see if I can chisel a few out of the ice-pack they’re in so I can cook some for dinner.  Teresa and the boys are at Six Flags, so they won’t be home for dinner.


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