My boys love to go to the bookstore.  I do, too.  I LOVE the bookstore.  I love the smell of the bookstore.

Whenever I walk into a bookstore the first thing I do is go to the bathroom.  I don’t know what it is, but the same thing happens to me when I go to Fry’s.  I walk through the doors, look at a couple interesting things and… go to the bathroom.  No, I don’t think this has anything physiological, probably just psychological.

I went over to the history section and they had a great display of historical books talking about Atlanta.  I flipped through and read through some of those, but eventually put them down and started browsing.

The other common thread of going to a bookstore is I usually have some recent new interest that I’m dying to delve into and buy a book to learn everything new about it.  This time, notsomuch.  Mehh, there is the grilling thing and I did pick up a grilling magazine that looked like it had some great recipes, but nothing that really leapt out at me.  I like my salsa’s, my flatbreads and fried foods I’ve been experimenting with.  They had some rib recipes but half of them said "cook in the oven, then move to the grill."  Eh, ok, that’s not grilling.  That’s feaux-grilling.

Every time I’m in a bookstore I get that old writing craving again.  Maybe this blog is my compromise to giving up on my dream of getting published.  Real writing is hard work the few times I really tried it.  I’m always attracted to the Writer’s Magazines, tho and picked up a couple of them.  Unfortunately they had a plastic wrapper around them so I couldn’t flip through it.

Speaking of plastic wrappers, I noticed the Men’s Interest section had magazines with scantily clad beautiful women on the covers.  The women’s interest had more modestly clothed, but still quite beautiful women on the front.  The only exception is ‘Men’s Health’ which usually has a sculpted adonis on the cover.  From this I would guess that most everyone likes beautiful women, but healthy men like to look at healthy men. Whatever that means.

I flipped through the Microsoft 2.0 book, which discussed what Microsoft has to/should do post-Gates.  I found that fairly interesting, but it was $27.95.  While that USED to be a tank of gas in a long lost forgotten past, now it’s not, but still seemed like a lot of money for a semi-interest.  I’m starting to identify with those old timers complaining about the costs of things.  "When I was a kid a candy bar was a quarter!  Paying $2 for candy… that’s ridiculous!"

I looked through the computer programming section and saw a bunch of different computer languages I’m quite unfamiliar with.  I noticed there was still a Visual Basic 2008, which is nice to see an old familiar name.  Some are more recent that I’ve heard of or use on the internet but never coded, like PHP and Java.

I recently listened to Clive Cussler’s non-fiction work about the sea-wrecks he’s been discovering, so I looked him up in the fiction section.  Two shelves of books.  Didn’t know where to start there.  Likewise in the Science Fiction and Fantasy sections.  Trying to choose a book is no longer choosing a single escape, but a series.  Every book is number X out of Y.  I didn’t bother to look for any first books of a series.  I never have much luck at that, so I just walked through.

I ended up leaving the bookstore with no purchase at all.  I spend my time listening to my tech and poker podcasts, and when I’ve got idle moments I turn on a video game.  I’ve not been playing much poker lately so played a little last night and didn’t fare too well.  I think I remember I didn’t fare too well last time I played as well, but I don’t have the data any more.  I’ve still got to get all my poker applications re-registered and working.  Losing my computer really took the wind out of my poker sails.  It comes back, though.

I told Teresa I’ll just keep reading the Internet.  The Internet is my newspaper.  My television set.  "Your life," Teresa added.


One Response to Bookstore!

  1. Dave says:

    I think it’s physiological. I can’t go into Advance Auto without having to find a bathroom.

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