Weather Outlook: Nice and Rainy


C’mon weatherman, SMILE!  This is good news!

Friday: Rain

Saturday: Rain

Sunday: Rain

This is from  They’ve definitely got cooler weather radar maps, but has cuter meteorologists. 

Been doing an experiment with Harley.  When he’s laying down nice and quiet with thunder going on, I give him treats.  When he’s panting on me, I ignore him.  With all the storms we’ve had lately he’s getting a good bit of training.  I think it’s helping, too!  Last night I didn’t have to tell him to lay down during the thunder at all, and he didn’t come and pant on me a bit.  Looks like I have 3 more days of training.

Oh, and my voice is almost back.  Probably 90% now.  I’m surprised it took so long.  Glad I’m not a sports fan any more.  I’d spend half my time hoarse.  Don’t know how many times I had to explain on conference calls this week the reason for being hoarse.  That may be a good discouragement for the next time.  "Do I really want to explain 17 times this week I’m hoarse because I yelled at my dog?"  Maybe not.

Teresa’s off to deliver Kyle back home.  I told him he’s been a great help and I certainly enjoyed having him around to help with the heavy lifting.  It will be interesting to see what pattern the boys fall into now that he’s gone.  Their nights have been getting rather late, but they’ve been starting movies rather late, too.

Tyler got a Spider-man encyclopedia type book from the library.  He thought it was a big Spiderman comic book.  I told him I had a bunch of Spiderman comics and he asked for some for the trip, but of course I couldn’t track them down.  I gave him some Iron Man comics instead.  I should re-price those some day.

I’m rather happy it’s Friday.  Don’t know why I’m so ready for it.  I may actually have some grass to mow this weekend, though.  It’s really greened up with all the rain.


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