Kaboom, Kaboom. Ladadadadadadadadadada Kaboom Kaboom.

It’s evening here and as we were sitting down and eating our dinner tonight we heard thunder rolling in from afar.  We beckoned Harley so that he would sit down next to us rather than cower again in the basement and try to give us a 4th floor downwards again (I’m still hoarse from Friday night).

He sat down under the table and panted on my legs.  Nothing like hot doggie breath on my legs while I’m eating.

The flashes and kabooms were getting closer and we kept reassuring Harley that he was a good boy since he hadn’t dug down through the kitchen floor and hadn’t yet jumped up onto the table.  One particular flash-boom was reasonably close, and due to the recent loss of my computer the thought crossed my mind that I should probably go and unplug my brand new rig.  I mentioned this to my dear wife, who smiled and nodded in agreement.

I didn’t move, though, in true Me fashion.  I always THINK of the better path.  The ‘right’ thing always at least occurs to me, in one way or another.  It’s either a flash of, "Hey, I should probably…" or maybe even the mental image of the Bad Thing I’m trying to avoid flashing in my head at the last second.

Another flash followed immediately by the boom finally convinced me though, and I ran upstairs.

I have Vista now, not XP so I struggled with the best way to shut it off.  First I hit the moon on my keyboard.  The screen almost immediately went black.  No wait, that’s just sleep.  Jiggle jiggle the mouse, tap, tap on the keyboard… is it up?  Is it sleeping?  I need one of those buttons for Tyler.

Finally I hit the power key on the front because that usually means "Turn Off" rather than just ‘sleep’.    The screen turned on again and everything I had open started closing.  I clicked on the Windows Bubble and tried to hover over the power icon to see if it was turning off or what, but it wouldn’t stay up long enough for me to see.

"Windows shutting down…"  Ahh glorious.  Another flash, another nearly immediate boom.

"Please do not shut off or unplug.  Installing update 1 of 9…"  Nooooooooooo!  Say it isn’t so!  Flashboom, flashCRACKLEboom!!

"Installing update 3 of 9…" FLASHbooooooooooooooommmm.  Dammit… you had ALL day to tell me to reboot, and now you… Flash-ash-lashh… KABOOM!

Harley’s tail curled in a curley cue underneath his back legs.  He was trying to tuck his tail between his legs so hard it was curling up around and trying to head back for another tuck.  "Good boy," I said.  "Good, brave boy."  His tail uncurled for a second, wagged, and retucked.

"Installing update 6 of 9…"  Flash-flash BOOM!

I started whimpering, along with Harley.  After what seemed like an unending few more seconds, the computer finally turned off and I unplugged the computer, and went downstairs in time to hear the tik-tik-tik of hailstones hitting the deck.  Small ones… about the size of BB’s.

The storm has moved on, my computer is still working (although there was a frightening point where I turned it on and it ran through the registry on the screen), and my network has only gone up and down 4 times while reading this.

Sigh.  If it ain’t one thing, it’s two things.


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