Subterranean No More

I have moved out of the subterranean world of the dark, into the light and am now a surface dweller.  I even have a window now!

It was quite a juggling act.  Teresa had suggested while we were in Florida that we could move me out of the basement and into the schoolroom, which is David’s old room.  That room has a better ceiling fan and is more habitable at night for the kids so I made an off-request to the boys whether or not they’d prefer being in that room instead, and I’d move into their room.  They jumped at the chance!

Schoolroom down to the basement, kids furniture into the schoolroom, my office into the kids room… but where were we going to stick all this stuff in the meantime?

First step was to move all the schoolroom bookshelves down to the basement… 5 bookshelves + books.  The boys were incredibly helpful, filling boxes with books, Kyle carried the vast majority of them down the stairs, while Teresa (very carefully, I was worried about her back) unpacked them onto the moved shelf.  Once a bookcase was empty we carried it down, and then Teresa filled it.  We did two of them Friday night, then the rest Saturday morning.

Once that was empty we moved the boys bedroom furniture into the empty room… that wasn’t bad, just some quick furniture disassembly to put it right back together in the other room.  Those bookcases were just slid over.  The gutters that the boys keep their night-time reading material in were moved, and I hooked up some night-lights for them to use as well.  I moved their trophy shelf over, as well.  Items that took me about 2.5 years to put on the boys’ walls were all moved in the span of a couple hours.  It was really quite amazing.

Then it was time to prepare my office.  The walls… well, two boys lived in that room for three years.  The walls had artwork, hand-prints, and all kinds of other indescribable marks on the walls.  It wasn’t really suitable for an immediate move in, unless we painted it first.  Luckily we have a cabinet full of paint out in the garage, so we chose one, and painted the room, until about 11pm.

This morning it needed another once over, and we didn’t have a whole lot of paint left, but we had enough.  Might still be rough around the floor edges since Teresa, who is our detail-paint person (I’m good with the non-delicate stuff), went over the ceiling detail twice but not the floor detail.  She also repainted the closet, but since we ran out of paint it’s a yellow color that had been on the walls before.  Now the room is taupe.

The rest of today has been carrying the desks up (I got them both, but have to cut a new desk for the boys’ computer in the basement schoolroom now), and putting together all the computers.  And as you can see, I’m posting a blog, so that’s done.  Well, the computers are hooked up.  I have boxes and boxes of stuff, and we have to figure out how to organize it.  I say ‘we’ because I’ve tried several times and failed, so I’m enlisting Teresa’s help.

I’m completely wiped out, though.  I have boxes still down in the basement and Teresa’s begun taking all the boxes everywhere and putting them back into the shape of a schoolroom.  And I still have to make the boys’ computer desk, but I still can’t believe how much we accomplished this weekend.  Moved three rooms and painted one of them.  Been a while since I worked that hard.


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