Nana’s All Better

She’s not out of the hospital yet, but soon.  She’s been upgraded to solid foods, and her IV nutrition was being tapered down gradually.  Tomorrow she gets to eat!  Wednesday should be homecoming for her.  She’s cut way back on the medication for the pain and only needed it to prepare for a long walk out to the Atrium section of the floor in order to get big hugs from the boys.

One of the surgical team came in today to evaluate her progress and said that she had an interesting abnormality in her abdomen, which is part of what they fixed.  And back-to-beck lesions from her previous surgery so one would block the other when they were trying to figure out what was going on in there.

She’s getting around so well that I don’t think we need to stay any longer, and can start our trek back home.  We’re going to use this opportunity to buzz over to Teresa’s parents and stay with them for a day or two before going all the way home.  With gas the way it is we don’t know when we’ll get another opportunity, so might as well make the best of it!

The boys have enjoyed the beach (even though there weren’t waves.. and Tyler really only likes the beach when there are waves) and the pool.  I’m not sure what chemical they use to keep the pool clean here, but it certainly doesn’t agree with Tyler’s eyes.  He gets back and goes through an hour or so of burning eyes.  It could still be chlorine, and it may be because the pool stays pretty warm but it gets a salty taste to it.  Bromine is supposed to be easier on the eyes than chlorine, so it’s a bit of a mystery.  It’s happened both times he has swam, though.

I’m listening to the audio book ‘Sea Hunters’ by Clive Cussler on this trip, and currently learning about the search for the CSS Hunley, the Civil War submarine.  Cool stuff.  Makes me want to be a millionaire author so I can hunt for sunken boats for no reason other than to find them and preserve history.

I’ve also been reading alot online about the MobileMe initiative from Apple.  I heard it compared to the Live Mesh that’s coming from Microsoft, and I tried signing up in order to ‘tech review’ that product.  I’ve signed up for a few things lately, trying to leverage my ‘product manager for software development’ title into some access.  This kind of push technology is very interesting, and I wonder if it’s something that can help me in what I’m doing now, corrective content.  I’m talking with some product development teams about how to pull the necessary information from our devices.  If we could have some type of push site, where the devices themselves push their information to periodically we might not need the access we currently require.  It would push it’s information, and then next time it accesses the push site it downloads the recommendations, shows them to the user and the user goes through and checks what each piece of the patch does.  It’s an idea anyway.

Tonight we rented National Treasure 2, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  The boys haven’t seen Raiders, and I think they need to see them before seeing the latest.  It’s only fair!  Well, I’m missing it… gotta run…


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