A Day’s Improvement

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday’s nurses seemed harried and distracted.  Evidently the nurses at night weren’t much better.  She said she didn’t have a very good night.  The nurses today are friendly, cordial and have a good humour about them. 

This alone I think has been a relief to Mom as she’s recovering.  She’s much better today.  Very active in the bed, moving around amongst the tangle of tubes, hoses and wires.  She’s still in pain, but with friendly nurses and her pain pump button in her hand I think she feels in control of it enough that it’s not a worry, like it was yesterday.  She is still fading in and out of sleep, but is very lucid and aware when she is not sleeping.

The head nurse had said she’s waiting for a room with a better view to become available so that she can move Mom, "since she is going to be here a while."   Those weren’t very welcome words.  I’ve not heard anything and not talked to any doctors, but I think we’re in a wait-and-see mode to see how long the recovery and hospital stay will last.

I’m sitting in her hospital room as I type this on the hospital’s wireless.  I was a bit surprised they had it, and happy.  Interesting, though, that they allow wireless networks but not cellphones, since the frequencies can be similar.   They don’t block Pandora, so I’m listening a station based on Lorenna McKennitt, the celtic folky new-age type singer.

I had a nice birthday dinner last night.  Beef and potatoes, with a chocolate chip cookie cake.  Cameron had three pieces of the cookie cake, then later cut himself another bit.  He ate half his potatoes, so that means he can eat his weight in chocolate chip cookie cake, in his mind.

I made it to one of my poker tournaments last night and was very touched by all the people asking about Mom.  Thanks poker dudes.  When I told Mom about it this morning she smiled that she had people thinking about her from England, to Las Vegas, to Australia.


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