Nana, New Media, Things

First the Nana Update:  She’s going into surgery this afternoon.  The surgeon seemed very confident he could go in and fix the issues she’s having in her digestion to get everything moving again so that she can go home.  I can’t believe it’s been 19 days that she’s been in the hospital.  Teresa and I (and family) are going down to offer some moral support.

Other stuff…  Last night Tyler decided at 11:37pm that he wasn’t ‘snack hungry’ he was ‘meal hungry’.  Arggh.  I semi-flipped out when I told him no several times to his thoughts that he was going to go down and have a meal instead of something to get to sleep, like a glass of milk.  I insisted on a glass of milk, due to the time.  As always the reconsiderations are painful… was it that big of a deal?  The part that got me was his insistence even after I had said no a couple times.  I had other things on my mind and wanted to move on to those things and his resistance pressed that button for me.

He’s off getting braces installed this morning.  I hope they don’t get too aggressive with the first installation here concerning moving the teeth.  I remember that constant soreness on my teeth, but I was a bit older.  We’ll need to make sure we have Tylenol ready.

When I did come back downstairs last night I didn’t even really accomplish anything worth noting.  I spent a lot of time watching Twitlive, which is Leo Laporte’s new broadcasting medium.  There’s a movement now called the New Media.  It’s been around a few years, with podcasts, videocasts, and the blogosphere.  I used to watch Michelle Malkin’s videocast a while back.  Even the President puts his speeches out in a podcast.  At one point on my laptop I was downloading all his speeches.  Only listened to a couple, though.

The idea here is that the media is breaking up into small, portable chunks, where you can listen and access it on-demand, when you’re ready.  Mostly right now the podcasts are interest-driven.  Michelle Malkin’s was for conservatives.  Leo Laporte’s are based upon the world of tech (to quote him from his broadcast last night ‘mainstream media has always done a horrible job covering tech issues’).  PC, Apple and other things like interests that technology is changing, like photography.  I still haven’t tracked all of his down.

Another broadcaster, is starting to do live broadcasts, like Leo.  They also cover the tech world and are moving more into a live broadchast space.

One of the aspects I find so interesting is that one of the key characteristics of talk radio has been the listener calls and talks with the hosts.  With the live broadcasting there are chat rooms, and video calls (Leo spent a good amount of time evaluating different video conferencing options).  Chat rooms have that air of anonymity that make it rather anarchistic.  While there are moderators who are able to kick out people who abuse the chat and are crude or profane they enforce it after the transgression.  Plus you get the usual disrespectful statements any time a female appears on the video.  It will be an interesting time moving these broadcasts into the broad-band world of the internet, both in dealing with the rabble, and filtering the signal from the noise.

All these options bring up the biggest issue of all.  Information overload.  There are so many sources of information out there it is very easy to over-subscribe and try to get too much information.  Especially if you are a person of varying tastes.

Anyway, I find this New Media evolution and the new live-video broadcasting that is developing fascinating.  I always seem to catch onto these ‘next big things’ a little late.  I don’t know if this is a ‘next big thing’ or not, but it is very interesting.


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