Freeze, Watermelon!

Tyler got a police-man toy kit this weekend that has a police baton, wallet, handcuffs, badge, glasses, flashlight, and various other little gadgets in it.  He was walking around when we got back from Wal-Mart in his police-man attitude and was told to keep helping bring in groceries.  He walked up to the back door of the van, pointed his baton at a perpetrating watermelon and shouted, "FREEZE, Watermelon!"  It didn’t move a muscle.  That is, until he carried away to jail (later it got the death penalty).

Truthfully I was doubtful when he picked it out.  But he’s been carrying that baton around all weekend.  I even showed him some videos on YouTube of people using the police baton in martial arts.

It may not turn into anything, but you never know what’s going to trigger their genius, eh?  You have to look at their interests, and as long as it doesn’t appear too pigeonholing (like sitting around play video games all day, although there are a few guys making a living letting the world know what they think about the current video games), let them chase it.  Maybe it turns them into virtuosos, or maybe it ends up in the bin in the back of the closet.

We’re still trying to figure out the summer TV/game schedule.  I let them have yesterday pretty much free-reign because we had gotten a free game rental coupon from Blockbuster and had used it, and it was pretty sweltering outside.  We went and picked up the game when I went and got our grill’s propane tank filled so I could cook hamburgers and fries.

Saturday we were gone most of the day.  We went to see Iron Man (awesome flick), got haircuts, shopping, went to a kid’s birthday party (space theme, the cake was a sun and cupcakes were the planets, very cool), and then back shopping before home.  Spent a lot of time talking about brewing with the dad’s at the kid’s birthday party.  Speaking of things ending up in the back bin of the closet.

While we were out Saturday Tyler asked for separate TV and computer times.  I want them to be able to have some time on each, but use it at any point during the day, but only use that much time.  I don’t know that they’re there yet, being able to manage that on their own.  But it solves the resource contention of both wanting to play computer at the same time, in the same time period.  Plus it allows them to play early when something will be going on that night.

I tell you what I need… two scoreboard clocks on the wall that when they hit a button start counting down from an hour and when the hour’s off an airhorn goes off.  That would rock.  It wouldn’t be a timer that gets lost in the clutter on our desks, or stuck in a couch cushion.  Maybe there’s a computer application that does that.

Nana update: She’s still in the hospital as they’re working to get her digestive process working again.  At this point they’re treating what they see, and look to see if anything else is wrong.  She’s stable and not at any risk, but I’m sure she’s getting sick of not eating and being awakened every 2 hours for vitals.


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