Considering a move…

Not my house… oh goodness, never again if I had to choose.  Unless I won a big poker tournament or the lottery.  And then it’d probably be into a community where they mow my  yard for me, water my grass for me, trim my hedges, powerwash my house every spring… that kind of thing.  In fact, I’d probably buy my parent’s house, even though it would rather defeat the purpose of them trying to move up here to be a bit closer to their friends and us.

I’m considering moving my blog.  To Blogspot.  It looks more customizable.  I hate to lose all the archives, though.  Unless I can find a way to move those there’s no way I’ll move, but anyway, I’m considering.  A lot of the custom HTML widgets I put in don’t work exactly right and so I have to find other ways to get them in on Spaces.

I’m playing with Pandora today.  Teresa has been using it for a while for her music, but I hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until the King Arthur party.  We were tiring of the medieval / celtic  music, so I logged in the laptop to Teresa’s Pandora in order to play her stations.

I saw a video last night that I wanted to hear more by the artist, but didn’t want to BUY the songs, so I logged into Pandora, typed it in and voila, they play all kinds of songs just like the one I liked.  It really is very cool, and it taught me what the term ‘extensive vamping’ is. 

Whenever they play a song you can ask why they chose this song to play and they list the characteristics.  ‘Extensive vamping’ seems to be a popular one to latch onto, as when I googled it trying to figure out what it is (vamping is improvised solo-ing), and I caught quite a few blogs with the term.

Heard from Dave Herman and Bobby Cresap this week!  I think I actually heard from them last week but since my phone was dead when they called I didn’t get the call back numbers.  As I’ve mentioned in my twitters, EverQuest is offering free access to inactive accounts until late July.  My EverQuest 2 keeps rebooting my computer, and I’ve all but given up on that, but EverQuest works.  I’m tempted to start a new character… I’ve got some characters but my really powerful characters are on different servers now, and it’s $50 to move them around.  Oh well.  The worlds have really changed.  Might be good to start over.  Or might not… actually.

Teresa asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day.  I said ‘wings and beer’.  She said, ‘good.’  My first response was ‘Xbox 360’, but evidently that’s beyond the FD budget. 

I need to schedule another poker night.

It can’t be next weekend.  On the poker forums I frequent I spend my time in what’s called the ‘micro’ forums, meaning the smallest stakes that can be played online.  There is Micro, Small, Mid, and High.  We also fondly call ourselves The Kiddie Pool, even though most of us are quite mature.  Kids with tons of idle time on their hands usually play so many more hands than us responsible adults (koff, koff) that they zoom on through and up to the higher stakes.  The weekend of my birthday they’re having a series of tournaments called the King of The Kiddie Pool.  Sort of like the World Series of Poker, but online and the highest buy-in is $10.  And we have like 15 people in each tournament, rather than 2000.  And we don’t give bracelets.  But other than that they’re exactly the same.  

Here’s the schedule, to give an idea (LHE = Limit Hold’em, NLHE = No Limit Hold’em, FR = Full-ring (10 players to a table), 6-max = 6 players to a table, HORSE = Mixed game where we play Hold’em, then Omaha, then Razz, then 7-card Stud, then 7-card stud high/low 8 or better).

Friday, 6/13 (Friday the 13th!)
9 PM EDT: $5.50 FR LHE on Stars
10 PM EDT: $5.50 Razz on Stars
Saturday, 6/14
7 PM EDT: $5.50 Stud/8 on Stars
8 PM EDT: $5.50 PLOnkament on Stars (Pot-limit Omaha)
9 PM EDT: $5.50 6 max LHE on FTP
Sunday, 6/15. Father’s Day
8 PM EDT: $5.50 HU LHE on Stars
9 PM EDT: $11 HORSE on FTP
10 PM EDT: $5.50 NLHE on Stars
11 PM EDT: $11 FR LHE on Stars (the daddy of them all)

I stayed up too late last night.  Between fudging with Pandora, EverQuest, EQ2, and chatting I stayed up until 4am.  There was always one more thing to do… and then I’ll go to bed.  And I still haven’t uploaded all the Disney photos.


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