It’s Summertime…

Queue Will Smith (he sings a song called Summertime).  It’s the season called summer.

Brief Nana Update: Over the weekend she recovered from her surgery and was moved to a new room.  She was supposed to go home yesterday, but I’ve not heard word (I didn’t call, doh!).  Yay!  Update: No home for Nana yet.  Pancreatitis is still keeping her from solid foods, so it’s dinner via IV, and a hospital bed until that gets better, bleh.

Did some summer preparations over the weekend.  Installed a decapitator…er… ceiling fan in the boys room.  I think there’s enough clearance from the fan and the top bunk bed that the chances for head injuries to Cameron from the fan are low enough.  We’re trying everything we can to try and get some air-conditioning in that front room.  It certainly holds the heat from the house, though.

Put up the gazebo fabric on our back deck.  That made a big difference in kitchen temperature.  With the grill out there it’s kind of a pain to take the dogs to go potty that way, but whatever.  I almost sat out there last night and used my laptop.  I was playing poker upstairs on my laptop.

Why, you ask?  Because there are too many children in this house that invade my sanctuary, that’s why!  Maybe the time when Teresa took the boys to Amanda’s spoiled me, but since they got back I’ve very grudgingly allowed use of my computer, have groused at not being able to use the TV and in general been a bear towards the boys when they’re down here.  When they argue it sends me up the wall!

We’re trying to find solutions.  Their computer/game time over the winter started at 4pm.  But between 4pm and bedtime that’s ALL they do (and if they miss a minute, we know it), so it’s changing.  Now they get from 8pm-10pm, and extra time on the weekend.  I can’t give them any day-time-time since I work from the basement.  We’re thinking the best time to give them would be when it’s sweltering outside, and then make them get off the computers/games when it cools down and in the evening so they actually play with their friends.  I’m sure today is going to be torture for them when 4pm comes and they can’t get on the games.

Tyler got a new game (it’s actually a mod to an existing game we had) where he can place men all around and do various things with them… shoot them, catch them on fire, make them fall from a plane.  It’s based on Half-Life, a first person shooting game, and he can takes all the characters and objects from the game and make his own environments.  And catch them on fire. 

It actually does involve creativity.  The ‘placing men to shoot and ignite’ sounds horrible until you realize that’s how they play with their men, too.  Except the catch them on fire part.  I told him that he could do what he does in that game in real life out back with all his men.  Except the catch them on fire part.  That he’d have to imagine, anyway.  Time to change the subject.  Nana’s probably getting nervous.

It’s also pool-time!  Saturday we went to Dave and Julies in the evening and swam.  Dave and the kids had been at a company picnic all day and we had been in the yard.  He had some beers left over from the picnic so we sampled some different varieties that he had brought back.  These were not exotic varieties, just kinds we don’t normally drink.  Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller Lite, Heinekein and Heinekein Light.  It was a nice relaxing evening, even though I had to hurl the boys around the pool a little bit.  I did refuse the wrestling match with the 15-year old (Kyle), though.

We were discussing the King Arthur party from the previous weekend, and there were two Kim’s there, Kim Cully and Kim Koerner (pronounced ‘ker-ner’ (addendum… according to a german pronunciation site it is ‘kuehr-ner’, which really only serves to add to the confusion.  How do you say ‘ueh’?!).  Julie kept saying ‘kor-ner’.  Teresa corrected her and said, ‘No, it’s ker-ner’.  Julie considered this, and said she would keep saying ‘kor-ner’ because it’s easier.  Teresa instantly came back with, "Fine, then we’ll just start calling you July."

So Julie is now July… because it’s easier.. 🙂 

Teresa’s yardwork from Friday and Saturday caught up with her, though, and she spent Sunday in bed nursing a pinch in her back.  It seemed to go away and she went back to the pool again Sunday evening (I stayed home) but returned again yesterday morning.  Tyler made her scrambled eggs and cheese with toast for brunch, yesterday! 


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