Nana Update, Rowing to Hawaii, and Badgers

Nana got out of surgery this morning and made it through surgery fine.  She had some complications after surgery but nothing too serious but they all keeping her overnight in ICU before moving her to another room.  They expect her to be home Saturday (wow). 

Just made some teriyaki chicken on the grill for lunch, finishing the bag of chicken tenders that I had thawed the other night.  I had a teriyaki merinade from the grocery store, read the ingredients and it’s just soy, sugar, essentially.  They didn’t marinate long enough so it just tastes like grilled chicken, so I need to make a glaze to put on them to bring out the flavor.  I’ll do that before dinner.

I cooked them on sticks, and marinated them on the sticks but after I noticed the sticks charring I worked out that I should have marinated the chicken and soaked the sticks in water at the same time, then put them on the sticks and then on the grill rather than the way I did it.  I stuck them on the sticks, stuck it all in the merinade and the then took it from there straight to the grill.

Live and learn!

I also need to figure out how to keep chicken from sticking to the grill.  I also had a rather invigorating moment when the grease from the chicken I made for the party on the bottom of the grill all caught fire and I had a mini-inferno in the grill.  I kept looking to see if anything was getting hurt, and couldn’t really see it so I turned off the gas and just let it burn itself out.  I hadn’t put the food on yet.

Was checking out the Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay shows I have taped and guess what he makes!  Flatbreads!  His way makes it look a bit more complicated, though, with two risings rather than just the one.  He also made a Maple-horseradish BBQ for ribs.  Makes me wish I liked horseradish.  Maybe I need to taste it again and see if that’s something I want to try.

I’ve been checking out a lot of podcasts and such on the internet lately since finding Leo Laporte’s webcam.  Learning a lot about Apple technology mostly, but some general interest, like Roz Savage who is currently rowing across the Pacific.  !!!  ROWING across the PACIFIC!  That makes my short-term goals look rather scrubby (she’s British, I’ve been listening to her talk, I think she used that word).  My short-term goals are on the order of ‘make a teriyaki glaze’ and ‘finish mowing the yard since I didn’t over the weekend’.  Hers contain the item ‘Row to Hawaii’.  She’s already rowed across the Atlantic.

Had a recruiter call me today, which was the oddest thing.  He was looking for someone to be a Senior Manager.  One thing I hate is being badgered, and this guy was very badgery.  I listened to what he had to say, but then told him I’ve never managed people so I doubt I could jump into a Senior Manager position, and then he kept on about what I would be looking for.  Told him basically I wasn’t interested and he asked me for a name of someone who might be.  I said ‘no’, and he said ‘you don’t know anyone?’.  I said ‘No, I won’t give you any names.’  He asked, ‘Why not?’ and I went into father-mode and just said ‘Because’ and very nearly hung up on him right there.  He started explaining why he just wanted a name and I started saying how I don’t give out names to people that call me out of the blue at the same time.  I think I finally did hang up on him.  How aggravating.

Interesting note… weighed myself this morning and I weighed 211.  Teresa had bought me some shakes and I’ve been having those for breakfast, my typical wrap + chips for lunch, and dinners.  I’ve not exactly been making healthy dinners, with beer-battered chicken and all.


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